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While laying in bed the other night this chorus was going through my mind and it is so true serving God is beautiful! We often tell others about something someone has done for us and we think they are so beautiful and of course they are! God is so much more beautiful than any person could be! No person has ever given his life for me so that I could have eternal life! Also no other person cam heal my sick body, time and time again! I can still remember the night He healed my eye. My eye was all red an inflamed. The doctor gave me twenty pills a day, this was on Friday. I was supposed to go back on Monday, but when I went back, my eye was better. The inflammation was gone. He called two other doctors in because he couldn’t figure out what had happened. Although I told them I was prayed for the night before and the infection had left. They wouldn’t believe me, and said those pills must have worked fast. They never saw them pills work so fast before. Then, after that my baby was born. I couldn’t even bend to pick him up, so I went back to God and prayed and He healed me. I went back to the doctor and asked them if this ever happened. He said, “No that was impossible.” But when I told him what I had done, he believed me. He said it wouldn’t have been possible without surgery. So you see, what I say, serving God is beautiful!

The chorus says: Serving God is beautiful. Serving the King of Kings. I serve Him because I love Him you see. Serving God is so beautiful to me!


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