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No, Jesus never fails! Israel is His time clock, He said when we see these things come to pass then look up for our redemption draweth nigh! I do believe the mark of the beast is in the very near future. If we accept it we will be lost forever! He told us it would be a mark on our hand or our forehead do these things sound familiar to you? I know of at least one person who has already received a mark in Canada! As for me, I don’t want anything to do with it!
Perhaps you want to change your life around and get it straightened out once again. I’m sure if you will try Jesus He won’t ever fail you! Jesus will be there for you in all stages of your life. He has never failed me when I come him! He never promised an easy road but said He would never leave us or forsake us! Satan is looking for every chance to jump on us and try to discourage us but if we keep our eyes on Jesus, He will bring us through! I have seen people come to church drunk and go to the altar and get up as sober, also one man was cured of his cigarette addiction as he threw his cigarettes away and has never taken it up again! My mother was also healed of cancer! She trusted Him for everything, and He never failed her! These are just a few things that happened, I know of a whole lot more! So if you are down and out, don’t despair, just Try Jesus.He never fails!o’er evil His love prevails,through sunshine or stormy gales,TRY JESUS, He never fails!

Never failed me yet,never failed me yet.Gods love has never failed me yet! Where so ere I go this one thing I know .Gods love has never failed me yet!


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