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Have you ever been told, “If you are going to do something, give it all you’ve got, and do it right!” You will be glad you did, as you won’t have to redo it all again! I can still hear my dad saying that! It is so true, even today! When I start to write my blog I have a terrible time trying to type, but if I get it done right the first time, it is fairly easy when I have to edit it. There have been many times in my life when I have said things and I wish today that I could go back and change things but it is too late, . I have asked the Lord to forgive me and I am so glad that we have an Advocate, with Jesus Christ, the righteous, who is our merciful Father! If I had only done it right the first time all would have been well! Perhaps we were asked to help someone, say mow their lawn, and just did half a job, and they told you it had to be done again, you really didn’t want to, but it was only right that you do it again! However, you may learn a lesson and next time, “Give it all you’ve got!”

Perhaps you were asked to speak to a youth group and there was only a few there, so you didn’t do what you should have done an!!d didn’t really pray about it! But when you got there you realized there was a person there who was really interested in the things of the Lord and you weren’t ready to give them what they needed! It didn’t matter if there were only a few, God knows all things and He knows who will be there beforehand. So if you ask Him what to say He will give it to you! The Bible tells us to be ready at all times to give an answer to those who are searching for the truth!

You may have been in a service when they were taking up a special offering for a specific need and you felt to give a certain amount but you decided not to give that much. You didn’t think it was necessary! If you have it and God says give it! You had better give it all you’ve got!

Jesus is coming soon and we must serve Him with all that we’ve got. It’s going to pay for us to be ready for that day. We can’t just serve Him half heartedly. You must serve Him with all you’ve got!

Perhaps you have been in an intercessory prayer, but you decided to slack off a bit. It isn’t a time to slack off when there are souls out there dying without hope. You should pray more, and give it all you’ve gon below there is power in prayer. All that we’ll ever need is waiting right there.c hild’s faith And it’s goodbye dispair! yes there is power,so much power in prayere


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I am writing this blog today ABOUT rippleswritings blog! I wrote this before saying; I wanted to encourage someone else along life’s way and still do, but in order to do this you will have to read the blogs. I want to lift up the name of Jesus in each blog! He told us in Matthew, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me!” He allowed himself to be lifted up on the cross when he gave His life for you and me! I just want to tell a l people everywhere ABOUT Jesus! He is coming very soon!

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