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When I was just a youngster we really looked forward to Christmas! A couple days before Christmas Dad would take us kids and we would set out to look for a Christmas tree! After finding what he would call a suitable tree he would cut it down and we would haul it home! He would set it up for us and perhaps would have to bore some holes in it to place some extra branches to make it look fuller, then would let it set overnight to give the branches time to thaw. The next day it would be ready to start decorating and by Christmas Eve it would be already for Mom and Dad to start putting the gifts under it.  We were always told there was no Santa as they always said they didn’t want to lie to us. We had three uncles who were not that much older than us who also spent most of their Christmases with us and they received a plate of Candy with their name on them too!

Getting back to Christmas in the Country, when I was a youngster in our country school, we had a concert at Christmas. everyone was involved, and if any little boy or girl got nervous and forgot their part, they weren’t belittled but were still cute!  We did not have electrical power in those days and nobody ever got hurt or burned with the lamps or candles that were used!  Our teacher read the Bible story of Christmas and prayed, of course this was not against the law in our day! Children had a great respect for the teacher, and were well behaved!  The teacher had Grades from One to Nine and had no problem with them! And then the teacher would give out treats to all that were there!

We also had a Program at Church, here everyone was involved from the youngest to the Adults, the Adults usually put on a play or two and some SKITS The little ones usually had a verse or a little play with a manger and baby Jesus! The church would be packed with people who came to visit. Everyone would receive a bag of candy when the plays, etc. were done.  The Pastor and his wife usually had a part in the plays too! Gifts were usually passed out at this time to the Sunday School children, and those who worked for the Church including the Pastor and his wife.  Everyone went home feeling it was good to have been there!

The next thing we knew it was Christmas day! After we found our candy and opened our gifts then Dad would read the Bible and pray, then it was breakfast time!  This was all done before we could play with our gifts. Then we would receive visitors /or go to visit our neighbours and see what each one received for Christmas! After this it was time to go out on the hills for a time of fun sliding!/ or skating  After a turkey dinner out we would go again!  What fun we had at CHRISTMAS!


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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I was unable  to go to church on Sunday night  as we had a snow` storm and I can’t get around very good even in good weather, so I decided to listen to the service at Capital Community Church.  Oh. how  I enjoyed  Sis .Beverley   Woodworth’s message,  she spoke  on  being  filled with the HOLY GHOST!  I just wish everyone could have heard her!   I am going to try to tell you in my own words some of what she said .     She           started out by comparing an empty jar to our temple. She then  continued to remove the lid saying after we have repented   and  taken the cover off of our  sinful  heart we need to be baptized by immersion.(just as Jesus was when He went down to the Jordan River with John)  this is to have our sins washed away or remitted . Now our house is empty and anything can move in, Satan knows this so we need to be filled with the Holy Ghost so that we can live a holy life!  She explained how that  when you get the Holy Ghost  you act like you are drunk!  She acted like an old drunk slurring her speech  and a bit tipsy , she really looked the part !  Can you imagine Sis. WOODWORTH acting like that having   never had a drink in her life!  She was hilarious!  She surely got her point across!   This has been on my mind ever since I want to be as intoxicated  as they were on the day of Pentecost!  I want to be a living witness to my friends and neighbours and if that is what it takes then I want it too!  I want to be intoxicated with the right kind of wine which is the Holy Ghost!  The Bible  tells us not to be drunken with wine wherein is excess but to be filled with the Spirit!  That is what I want as that is what is going to catch us away when He comes for His children!

He said if the same spirit that dwells in Christ dwell in us  it will quicken our mortal bodies and we will be caught away to be with him throughout the countless ages of eternity!  I want to stay filled  with that same spirit! It won’t be enough to say we had it once but i believe we should be filled every day!

oh i want to see Him, look upon His face! There to sing forever of His saving grace!  on the streets of Glory let me lift my voice. Cares all past, Home at last ever to rejoice!

oh I’m HAPPY to know I’m SAVED. It”s GLORY because I’m FR double E!  Once i was BOUND by chains of SIN!  Now It;s VICTORY to know Christ reigns within!


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