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I am so glad I’ m not living away back there under the Law! If that were the case today, I probably would have been stoned  to death long before this because of all my failures. I am frightened of birds so I wouldn’t carry one to the Priest, if I needed forgiveness!  I think of a man in the Bible who was stoned to death for picking up  a few sticks on the Sabbath day! And if a son was rebellious the parents would take him to the Priest and they would  take him outside the camp and stone him to death! Everything seemed so cruel under the Law! Everything must have been so beautiful in the beginning! God had made a man and a woman and placed them in the Garden of Eden and told them they could eat of every tree of the Garden except the tree of knowledge and the  day they ate of that tree they would surely die.  Then along came Satan and deceived Eve along with her husband Adam and they were put out of the Garden of Eden for their disobedience. They threw the whole world into sin! Then man became so sinful that God told Noah, who was a righteous man, to build an ark, that He was going to destroy the world because of their sin, which He did.  Then came the Law!                                                      Then one day an Angel appeared unto a virgin and told her she would have a child by the Holy Spirit which would overshadow her. She was to call His name Jesus as He would save His people from their sin. It happened just as the angel told her! God came to earth in the form of a Baby and was born in a manger!  One day as He was teaching the people there came unto Him others to tempt Him, bringing a woman caught in adultery. They said, “Moses said in the Law to stone her. What should we do”? Jesus wrote with His finger on the ground, then he lifted up His eyes  and said, “He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone” and they all left her standing alone. When Jesus looked up again and saw her  standing alone, said unto her where are thine accusers”?  She said “no man Lord doth accuse me”!  Jesus said, neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more”! I can’t imagine how she felt. she was about to be stoned to death. how happy she must have been and how grateful! Jesus had set her free!                                          According to my dictionary Grace means divine favour.  Thank you Jesus,for your divine favour, your great grace! God’s Grace is wonderful Grace, grace, God’s grace, Grace that will pardon and cleanse within.Grace, Grace, God’s grace. Grace that is greater than all  our  sin!

I am not under Law, I’m under grace! It was grace that rescued me.  It was grace that set me free. I was lost, now I’ve found a hiding place, I am not under law, I’m under Grace!





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The Seeing Eye was founded in 1929  with an ambitious goal:  To change lives by making the world accessible to people who are blind  Since then they’ve partnered with over  15,000 blind individuals across North America to enhance their independence, dignity  and self-confidence through the use of Seeing Eye dogs. As I read this I thought how terrible it would be to be completely blind, having a Seeing Eye dog to get around  would be bad enough, but what would you do if you kept misplacing things like I do? I don’t see how a dog could help you find anything or even know what you were searching for!  I realize I could have been one of these people if it hadn’t been for the great physician who healed my eyes. Now I don’t need a seeing eye dog, Thank you, Jesus!  I am so glad you are my healer!

Not only is He my healer but He is also my Saviour!  When I was lost in sin and without hope He found me and opened my eyes that had been blinded by Satan, He showed me the way that leads to everlasting life and set me free from Satan’s stronghold! Now I can say “ He changed my life. He made me Happy!  He gave me peace beyond compare. He promised me He’d never leave me and if I ever have a problem I can call and He’ll be there!

I am Happy since my burdens rolled away! I’ve a song within my heart night and day!  I am living for my King, and with joy I shout and sing  Hallelujah all my burdens rolled away!  Rolled away,!Rolled  away! I am Happy since my burdens rolled away! Down at the  feet of Jesus, He healed my soul’s diseases and my burdens rolled  away!                                                                             

I am so glad He is still in the Business of changing lives!  He will  change your life today if you want Him to, but He is such a gentleman he won’t force himself upon you but would be so happy if you would only invite Him into your heart today!                                

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  • There used to be an old saying that went something like this”Love is such a funny thing. it’s shaped like a lizard. It wraps it’s tail around your heart, and nibbles at your gizzard!                                                                      They tell us there are different kinds of love!  Now we know there is love for our children which is different than the love between husband and wife. You may also love your pets but not in the way you love your children.  Then most important of  all is the love we should have for the Lord! The LOVE  He has for us is the Agape Love, there is no greater Love than this!                                              Lets go back a ways here and think of when we were just a little child how much we loved our parents! No one dared say anything about Mommy or Daddy or we would  tell them what we thought of them. The same goes for the parents and the children! The love between a husband and wife is not sacred today as it used to be, It seems to change from one day to  the next!                                    Love is a powerful emotion!  Perhaps the strongest of human  emotions!People will  do almost anything to get love!  Why then do it seem that love is the only thing there is just too little of? We may think we love somebody but really we may just love what he or she does for us! We are so self-centered! there are four different kind’s of love , all but one are basically self centered or what is there in this for me? First there is affection  which is the kind of love we feel for a dog, home or car, other than people. Then there is friendship, this is the basis of most human relationships.  then there is erotic love , which is beautiful between a husband and wife but is a mess outside of married love. All these are wonderful and necessary loves, each depends on the object of our affection for complete fulfilment.  The only love that is completely other-centered is called agape love,  when we love with agape love,  we desire the best for the people we love.  We are even able to love the unlovable. We are only capable of this kind of love to the extent that we give the details of our lives over to God and allow him to work through us. love us with this kind of love,  He is never self-centered, and Before this can happen we must realize that God loves us and can only od’s love is always sacrificial.  While  we were  enemies of  God, He loved us.  When we ran away from God He loved us so much  thateternal life!  Love is the very essence of God, that is what mother gave His only Son that He loved most so that we could experience vats Him to do what He does for us, even when we don’t love Him in return!. St.john 3:16 says “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him, should not perish but have everlasting life”.                                                                                           It’s this fourth love that will keep marriages together as long as both partners take it to heart! It’s the love with the funny name – agape. This is that unselfish Love that seeks to give rather than take from the other person!  This is the love that works!  If loving your spouse unselfishly seems like a challenge to you just think how God loved us so sacrificially . The Bible says that Jesus “made Himself nothing” in order to serve those He loves and asks us to love our spouse in the same sacrificial way. Here are some things to remember: 1. Be respectful   to your spouse 2. ! Tell your spouse “I love you’ at least once a day, say it all the time with your eyes. 3.Think back and remember at least one thing you admired when you were dating. 4. be as enthusiastic to stay married as you were to get married.5,  Be loyal to your spouse. 6.  Express admiration in public.7,  A marriage can be a great investment, that yields tremendous dividends, if yoo have the interest! 8. Give your spouse a gift for no reason.9.  Trade in your car, not your spouse! 

      For God so loved! the world, He gave His only Son to die     on         Calvary, from sin to set me free.  One day He’s coming back    .    What Glory that will be!  How wonderful His love to me!

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There are so few people that we can trust today, we really don’t know who to trust and who not to when it comes right down to it!  We just never know who we can trust!  Again we may choose someone as a confident only to find out a little later that they have told the entire neighbourhood  what was supposed to be our little secret!  They may not have done this intentionally but told just one person confidentially and they in turn told someone else and it just snowballed!  Most of the time it turns out to be a  different story than when it started!   This type of thing can be very hurtful to the one who first trusted.  I know of different companies  who make the employees sign an affidavit saying that you won’t tell anything that happens on the job or where you work and who your clients are!                                                                                                                            

I do know one that I  can trust, and I don’t have to remind Him not to tell anybody my secrets! I can come to Him at any  time and He never scoffs at me or my problems, He is always there to listen to my every problem!. His name is Jesus, The mighty King!  I am so glad that He is my personal friend and that I know Him! His Word tells me to ‘Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on thine own understanding”.Prov. 3:5   I have to trust in Him as I just can’t rely on myself to do anything right. Psalms 34:8 O taste and see that the Lord is good: Blessed is the man that trusteth  in   Him! 

Only trust Him Only trust Him, Only trust Him now.  He will save  you, He will save you.  He will save you now!

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You may say “how could something be weird and wonderful at the same time?”.  Well according to my dictionary weird means strange or unnatural or fantastic.  Sitting here looking outside today it is weird and wonderful, weird to see a snow storm such as we have today the 13th day of April 2013 and it is snowing like crazy outside but to me it is wonderful. I love days like today! No, I’m not crazy either. Everything is so clean and white once again with all of that old dead grass covered in snow! This is really a weird day as the sun is now trying to come out! A few minutes ago it was snowing so hard, God must be looking down and laughing at us not knowing what to make of it all!  I can see the snow is already beginning to melt on the deck!   How can something so weird and wonderful change so quickly? This to me is weird and wonderful as well!  

This wonderful life, itself,  is weird and wonderful, as well, as most things are! Just think how we come into this world and for the most part, it seems as only a few days until we decease again!  However, we think  it is wonderful while we are here. The Bible tells us that life is like a vapour that appears for a short time and fades away! There were five deer under our apple trees in our yard a few minutes ago and our cat went out with them, talk about weird and wonderful! The deer were not the least bit afraid of her, nor her of them, only inquisitive!

Some people may seem weird to us at first but when we get to know them they are truly wonderful people! I think everyone has known folks like that. God made us all unique, weird and wonderful!

On the day of Pentecost when those in the upper room received the Gift of the Holy Ghost people thought they were weird as they acted as if they were drunk, but they had just received a wonderful experience! You can read all about this in Acts chapter 2. I have heard people come to our church and say “we won’t go back there they were all acting so weird”  but  they return and after a few services they start acting the same as the rest of us,  when they receive this Gift,  as well as the rest of us!  It is for everyone, not just a few!


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In and out, in and out goes the needle as you weave the threads in and out of the rug. When I was younger I started a weaving course so that I could repair clothes.  It was a fun thing to do but very hard on the eyes, especially so as I had eye problems anyhow. At the time Roy had a new suit and he had snagged the pants, It  was an easy job to fix them so they looked like new again!  When something is weaved it is almost impossible to get the threads out again.  It reminds me of the saying “Oh, what an awful web we weave when first we practise to deceive!”                           According to the Bible Satan was the first one to deceive when he deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden. Since  Eve’s downfall every living soul has been born in sin and shaped in iniquity,  everyone, except Jesus Christ who was the son of God. 1Peter 2:22 “says Who knew no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth….Who when He was reviled, reviled not again: when He suffered He threatened not ; but committed Himself to Him that judgeth righteously: who His own self bare our sins in His own body on the tree, that we being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. For ye were as sheep going astray; but are now returned unto the Shepherd  and Bishop of your souls.”       Next my mind goes to Jacob who was a deceiver!  He deceived his father Isaac and also his brother Esau and had to leave home after his brother threatened to kill him.  He stayed with his uncle Laban and worked for him for seven years for his daughter Rachel, whom he loved, but was deceived and given the elder sister Leah. When he asked about it the next morning  he was told he would have to work another seven years for Rachel as that was not the custom of the land to give the youngest daughter before the eldest in marriage.  This he gladly did as his love for Rachel was great!  If only he hadn’t been a deceiver in the first place things would have gone so much better for Jacob, but God in his mercy, loved Jacob and changed his name from Deceiver (Jacob) to Israel! You can read the story of Jacob in Genesis chapter 25 – chapter 35 starting at his birth until his demise. He was constantly weaving  in and out of trouble it seems!                                                                 Jesus is the Master Weaver and He does an excellent Job! He never fails us, no, not once has he failed me! although I’ve made many mistakes and failed Him so many times but He always forgives and forgets and sets me once more on the straight and narrow way!      He changed my life, He made me happy, He gave me peace beyond compare!  He promised me he’d never leave me and if  I ever had a problem I could call and He’d be there!.  Now is not the  time to be fooling around, weaving in and out of churches as Jesus is the only one who can help us. I keep falling in love with Him over and over again. I keep falling in love with Him over and over again!  He gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by..Oh what a love between my Lord and I.   I  keep falling in love with Him over and over, and over and over again!

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Do you like to visit those second hand stores as much as I do? I have found many good deals in this type of store I have  been to Frenchy’s. Jingler’s, The Bible Store, but my favourite 2nd Hand Store is the Salvation Army Store. where I have found many beautiful dresses. My husband also purchased himself a new suit for just a few dollars. It was a beautiful suit, a real  deal! There is much to be said about this type of store! Perhaps you have visited a real high class restaurant and came out so disappointed, but when you visited it the second time around you changed your opinion drastically!  My husband was an appliance technician so all my major appliances are second hand but I don’t know what  I would do without them, especially the dishwasher, that I like so much! These appliances have always worked the very best from day one,  even though they are second hand!               Most everything could stand a second chance, that includes most people!  We are not all perfect, in fact not one of us are, we were all born in sin and shaped in iniquity!  Most of us have failed more than once and we need that second chance to get right with God!  Perhaps you have heard the story of Jonah whom God told to go to Nineveh and tell them their city was going to be destroyed in 40 days because of their wickedness!  Jonah refused to do as God had said, instead he set sail on a ship to Tarsus.  God caused a violent storm to come up and the sailors thought they their ship was going to sink so they awoke Jonah who told them he was  the cause of the storm as he had disobeyed God when he ran away from him.  He told them to throw him overboard and the storm would cease, they didn’t want to do this but after all else failed they decided to do as he said, and the storm ceased!  God had prepared a large fish to swallow Jonah!  After 3 days in the belly of this fish he cried out to a merciful God who heard and caused the fish to vomit Jonah out on the dry land. Jonah then realized after God spoke to him again that he couldn’t run away from God, he must do as God said. God had given him another chance and he went to Nineveh where he told them what God had said. The people believed and repented and God saved their city.They took advantage of their second chance and got right with God! As well as Jonah did but when he knew that God had saved the city he got angry with God and once again had to repent!           God still loves the Backslider and wants them to repent. In Jeremiah 3:14 God said, turn o backsliding children , saith the Lord, for I am married unto you:  In Luke 15:11  Jesus told them the parable of the prodigal son who returned home after his riotous living and his father ran to meet him!  Jesus is just the same today and wants you to return to him!

If that isn’t love, the ocean is dry, there’s no stars in the sky, and the sparrow can’t fly.  if that isn’t love, then heaven’s a myth, there’s no feeling like this, if that isn’t love!                   

In times like these, you need a Saviour. in times like these you need an anchor. Be very sure, be very sure Your anchor holds and grips that solid  Rock!

P.S.  After I started to write this story this morning I went to   Service and our Pastor spoke on“The Second Chance”  I think God is trying to get our attention.

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