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How I loved Friday mornings at Minto Memorial High School! This was the morning we had off from our regular classes to assemble in the gym and one of the classes usually put on a skit!  Sometimes there would be a special speaker or even a movie. I didn’t like school by the time I reached grade nine as I was so shy I couldn’t force myself to speak to the other children in my class!  There were two or three that I became friends with but it really is a terrible feeling to be so shy I know people must have thought I was stupid. How-ever I did look forward to the Assembly!

I always loved to assemble together with our friends and family! I have seen my mother set the table three times on Sunday as the family, aunts , uncles and children and also friends would gather together!  How we loved those times!That was in the days when we didn’t even have a dishwasher!  We didn’t have a whole lot of extra dishes either so we had to wash dishes after each setting, We often had friends come over after church on Sunday mornings for dinner too. After I married, my husbands family had a lot of togetherness too!  Although I was a little shy about this we usually found ourselves at these gatherings too! Just to be part of the assembly, what a joy we could feel!  I have always loved most of all to assemble at church as often as possible. When I was a child we would go to church on Sunday. Sunday School being at l0 am. with church at 11am. Then at 7:30 or 8:pm again we would assemble in the House of the Lord for another great service. On Tuesday we would have house prayer meetings where the power of God’s presence would be felt in a mighty way! Wednesday night would be Bible Study and prayer. Friday night we would have Youth Service (with quite a few of the older saints attending also.) Saturday at 1pm we had our Children’s church! What a wonderful time this was in our lives!   I can’t get together with God’s people like I would love to do. The Apostle Paul says in Hebrews 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is, but exhorting one another; and so much the more as ye see the day approaching!  Many today think we don’t need to gather together anymore but that we can serve God in our own way. That isn’t what the Bible tells us to do.  We really need each other today more so than ever before! Let us assemble ourselves together whenever we can to really worship the Great God of Heaven!  There is going to be another great Assembly one day soon at the marriage supper of the Lamb! This is one assembling that I don’t want to miss!  We have gathered in this place to magnify the Lord and worship Him!  We have gathered in this place to magnify the LORD and worship HIM! Let us worship Him, Jesus Christ the Lord!  I was glad when they said, I was glad when they said unto me! I was glad when they said “Let us go into the House of the Lord’!


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T H E E N D!

Every beginning has an end! Have you ever picked up a book thinking i’ll read this book but after the first two or three lines you wonder ‘just how did it end anyhow?” so you turn to the back of the book and read the last paragraph! Then we start at the first again and as the story goes on it gets more and more interesting and before we realize it we have once again come to the end!I remember a time when I thought I wouldn’t like to read a book as it would take too long and just be a waste of time but after reading my first book I was hooked! From then on I would read most anything I could get my hands on! Don’t you just love to read someone else’s biography? Even our own life has an end! We may not like to think of life like this but we were born to die We may sometimes feel that we are going to live long, happy and prosperous lives but that isn’t always to be the way it is! If you walk through a graveyard you will probably see graves markers with different space between birth and death.` If you have lived long enough to read this blog you are very fortunate as there will be many that won’t. Ecc. 3:1 & 2 says To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven; a time to be born and a time to die; … It isn’t the date that matters or how long we live but what we do in between those two dates that counts! Have we lived this life just to have a good time? or have we lived life to the fullest for our Lord? If we live to please our own flesh it is a dangerous way to live, not only for ourselves but also for others who have never heard the gospel story! Again in Ecc.8:12 & 13says Though a sinner do evil a hundred times. and his days be prolonged,yet surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God, which fear before Him. But it shall not be well with the wicked, neither shall he prolong his days , which are as a shadow because he feareth not before God, I love to read books that have happy endings! It is the same with our lives! It is so nice to hear of someone who has had a happy ending! If someone who has lived their lives serving Satan passes away it is always so sad! Their is only two ways to live, either on the straight send narrow road or on the broad road that leads to destruction! So take the straight and narrow road that leads to life everlasting! We don’t know what lies ahead, it could even be persecution, if so, I ask the Lord to sustain me and give me the strength to bear whatever happens, I just want my life and death to be for him. It really pays to be saved! Then we can rejoice at their passing , we can be selfish and wish them back or be happy they are now free from their pain and reigning with their Lord and Savior! Oh to be washed and made pure by His precious blood! What a happy ending to life that would be! You may say “How do you know?” I know I am not the Judge, but I do know if we have obeyed God’s Word and lived for Him until the very end we will be saved What a glorious Hope we have! In the book of Acts 2:37-39 Peter was talking to a group of people on the Day of Pentecost and they said to him “What must we do to be saved?, in other words they wanted to know they would have a happy ending to this life and a happy new beginning in their life after death! Then Peter said unto them “Repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sin and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, for the promise is unto you and to your children and to all that are afar off, as many as the Lord our God shall call! That means it is for us today! Jesus said whosoever will may come! Wouldn’t that be a great ending to our life?All we have to-do after that is to walk with our Lord! Jesus, my heart’s dear refuge ,Jesus has died for me;Firm on the Rock of Ages,ever my trust shall be.Here let me wait with patience,wait till the night is o’er;wait till I see the morning break on the golden shore.Safe in the arms of Jesus,safe on His gentle breast,there by His love O’er- shaded ,sweetly my sole shall rest. !!

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Many times we have no doubt heard of searches taking place, perhaps it may even be around our area, for someone who has gone missing! We may exclaim,”Oh, that is so sad!” and go on our merry way, not taking a second thought! How much different it would be if it was one of our own family members, or even if we were kidnapped ourselves we would really want someone to go looking for us, I am sure! I remember when my younger brother was just little and was out playing hide and seek. He waited for someone to find him and went to sleep in the old wagon outside the barn! We couldn’t find him and I’ll never forget how scared we were.Mom went running around the barn hollering his name and he sat up wondering what was going on! I remember one night when my husband and I were courting we drove into my yard and was getting out of his car when we heard a gun shot. It was hunting season and we didn’t think a lot of it. When we came from work the next night the cars were lined along the Back Coy Road. We learned that a man was lost the day before and there was a group of men out searching for him! They found him a couple of days later, dead, on an old logging road not far from the main road!He apparently panicked and didn’t make it out of the woods. It was so sad,he was so close to being rescued but not close enough! I also remember Mom telling us of how she and her younger brother, Ernest, got lost in the woods and were there for quite some time before someone came along and helped them find their way out!My husband also tells a story of how he had gotten lost while hunting. He happened to be near a stream and so he threw a twig into the water to get what direction he was going in and then found a tree and went in a straight line by marking them as he had just been going around in circles before this. We all know how easily a person can get turned around especially in the woods and be lost not knowing a way out, you may be a diabetic or on other medication and it is getting so late and you really start to panic when you hear as gun shot or someone calling your name and you are so relieved to think that someone is searching for you! There is a lost condition that I know of that is far worse than any of these that I have talked about so far! You may be searching for a way out and don’t know which way to turn. The Bible tells us in Psalms 51:5 Behold I Waa shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me. Isaiah 64:6 But we all are as an unclean thing and all our righteousness are as filthy rags… because the serpent beguiled Eve in the Garden of Eden we were all thrown into sin without any way of escape until Jesus came to earth in the form of a baby in a manger and then he took our place on Calvary and because of Him we can have eternal life! All we have to do is to obey Acts 2;38 which is still for us today! You may have been told it isn’t for us today but Praise the Lord it is as I have already experienced it and what He did for me He will do for you as God is not a respecter of persons! Why don’t you try him today and see what Joy He brings! I searched for Him, and knew not what I searched for. I longed for Him and knew not what I longed for. Then I found Jesus and I knew that I would search no more for He filled that longing down in my soul! Satisfied, Satisfied! He said He’d be my Comforter and He said He would be my guide. I looked at my hands and they looked new, I looked at my feet and they did too, and ever since that wonderful day my soul’s been satisfied!

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Have you ever started to fall and reached out to grasp something and there was nothing there! i fell twice yesterday! I seemed so lightheaded yesterday and got out of bed and fell to the left, landing on the edge of the bed,which is on wheels and it rolled from underneath me so I called for my husband who came to my rescue, After this episode I was in the living room and got out of my lift chair and landed however on another soft chair, so didn’t get hurt. It seems as though I am always falling! We as people are never satisfied, we are always reaching for more, only to be so disappointed when it doesn’t happen. If the enemy of our soul could get our mind on things of this world instead of on the lord he would be so happy! I have a poem I would like to have you read that I received in l959 and it is just as true today as it was back there, you may have heard it before, if not it is good for you to read! It is called the Devil’s Vision! The devil once said to his demons below, Our work is progressing entirely too slow; The holiness people stand in our way, since they don’t believe in the show or the play. They teach that the carnival, circus and dance, The tavern and honky-tonks with games of chance, drinking and smoking, these things are all wrong; That Christians don’t mix with this ungodly throng. They’re quick to condemn everything that we do, to cause unbelievers to be not a few, They claim that these things are all of the devil. That Christian folk live on a much higher level! Now fellows, their theology while perfectly true! Is blocking the work we are trying to do, We’ll have to get busy and figure a plan. that will change their standards as fast as we can, Now I have a vision of what we can do! Hearken…I’ll tell this deception to you. Then find me a wise but degenerate man whom I can use to help work out this plan. There is nothing so real as the thing you can see, the eyes and the mind and the heart will agree. So what will be better than an object to view? I say it will work and convince not a few. The home is the place for this sinful device. The people deceived will think it quite nice! The world will possess it, Most Christians can’t tell, that it’s all of the devil and was plotted in hell. We’ll sell them with pictures of the latest of news and while they’re still looking we’ll advertise booze.At the soul damning cigarette also they’ll look, until they forget what God says in His Book! At first it will shock them, they’ll seem in a haze, but soon they’ll be hardened and . continue to gaze. We will give them some gospel that isn’t too strong, and a few sacred songs to string them along, They will take in the Ad’s with the latest of fashion, and soon watch the shows that stir evil passion. murder scenes and love=making scenes they will behold, until in their soul they are bitterly cold! The “Old Family Altar” which held such a charm will soon lose it’s place without much alarm. Praying in secret will also be lost as they look at the screen without counting the cost. The comprise preachers who don’t take their stand will embrace this new vision and think it quite grand! They’ll help fool the people and cause them to sin, By seeking this evil and taking it in,Influence is great, and so you can see,just look at my fall and you;all have to agree. It won’t take too long my demons to tell, that the vision of will populate Hell! Divorce will increase, sex will abound. Much innocent blood will be spilled on the ground! The home will be damned in short order I say, when this vision of mine comes in to stay. Get busy my cohorts and put this thing out. We’ll see if the church can continue to shout. The holiness people who stand in our way,will soon hush their crying against show and play, We’ll cover the earth with this “Devil Vision” Then we will camouflage it with the name “Television” The people will think they are getting a treat. Till the Antichrist comes and takes over his seat. He’ll then rule the world while the viewers behold the face of the “Beast” to whom they were sold, We will win through . This cannot fail. Though some holiness preachers against it will rail. Since some have tired of the old TV they’ve invented the computer for all the world to see. Now what would we do without it? I wouldn’t know! But the gospel is progressing way too slow! Get ready my brethren and be careful what you watch. Don’t give into Satan as your soul he will squash Let’s turn things around working the computer for the Lord by getting the gospel out all over the world! REACH OUT AND TOUCH THE lord AS he GOES BY. HE IS NEVER TOO BUSY TO HEAR YOUR HEARTS CRY. HE IS PASSING BY THIS MOMENT YOUR NEEDS TO SUPPLY REACH OUT AND TOUCH THE LORD AS HE GOES BY!`

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