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Y O U T H !

Once again the years have passed by and it is again time for our Anniversary Services. This year will be the celebration of our 80th anniversary for this little United Pentecostal Church in Ripples! Where oh where did those years go? When we were young it seemed we didn’t even think about the future but as years go by we seem to change our mind and start to think about what might be in store for us! My heart really goes out to today’s youth as they live in such a wicked world and it is getting worse as the days go by. We have some beautiful youth in our church and I think they are just great! If only we can keep them from the clutches of the enemy. He is going about seeking whom he may devour! I remember starting Sunday School and having Sis. Marjorie McKay as my teacher, she made me feel so special and I will never forget her! Another Sunday School teacher I had was Sis Connie Lloyd.She had us memorize a lot of scripture, which I really enjoyed. I also had Bro. Harry DeWolfe, who was also a good teacher and then I went to the adult class where Dad was my teacher and I really enjoyed his teaching. He always had us take our turn reading a portion of the Word. Well, I was sitting beside Sis. Tapley and when it came time for me to read, we were reading about Isaac and I read ‘when Rebecca saw Isaac, she lifted up her ears and lighted off the camel” Well, Sis Tapley laughed so hard she almost rolled on the floor!When Bro. and Sis. Worden Mowatt and Sis Ruth Green were here we had Children’s Church for those who were aged 6 yrs,- 12 yrs, every Saturday at 1 pm. There must have been about twenty children at that time and the services were powerful! They were very good with the children and I can remember at least one service when the Spirit of God took control and we didn’t get home until suppertime, when we left they were still having a Jericho around the outside of the old church, since we had to walk so far we decided we had to leave before it all ended. What good times we had in the Lord! Friday night at 8pm was Young Peoples Service from age 16 –36 years but I can remember the older people going as well to encourage the younger ones and they such were a blessing! Sunday morning and Sunday night we were in the House of the Lord again! It was truly wonderful! Sad to say a lot of those who attended back there don’t even go now. I was told they were forced to go then ,and so they don’t want to go now! They all seemed to enjoy it back there as much as I, and could do so much more than I could. I never knew they felt like that, they were singing for the Lord and also testifying but I could never sing and was too shy to testify! But God knew my heart and that I did enjoy the house of the Lord. It is so good to know that God is just the same today and if you will call upon His Name He will hear and answer your call! I would like to encourage you young people and older folks alike to call upon Him now while there is yet time as He is coming soon for a people of His name! The power of God is just the same today and it doesn’t mater what the people say! Whatever God has promised He is able to perform and the power of God is just the same today1


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A Savior is one who saves the life of another.  How many times have we heard of somebody who had an accident and someone came along at just the right time and saved their life. It must be a terrible thing to come upon an accident and after trying for sometime to save another person only to have them slip away from this life. I think it would be something that would haunt a person for the rest of their life! I know this happens frequently. I remember when my brother, Ernie, drowned another cousin who was on antibiotics at the time jumped in to save him but when he hit the water,  because of the antibiotics he was`on,his heart exploded and they both died. How sad!

My Dad used to tell us a story about when  he was younger and worked at the  mill. There  was a man working outside end pulling the logs up from the cove when he somehow slipped into the water. He couldn’t swim and was going down  for  third time when Dad jumped in to help  and was pulled under by the frantic man who was drowning.  dad fought him off and managed to save himself and the other guy! This ending is much happier than the first story!   Oh what a savior Dad was that day!

One day as Keith Young was travelling out through the lane that leads from Maquapit Lake and French Lake to what was the main Highway leading to Fredericton and Moncton, he came upon a car being submerged in the water,He  hurriedly stopped his car and ran to   the water and there was Dr. and Mrs, Gardiner in the car which was rapidly filling with water.Dr. Gardiner was on his way to Montreal for treatment and was a very ill man. When Keith got to the car the  water was up to their chin and when he opened the door the cold water  rushed in as this happened in the cold April weather. Oh what a savior Keith was that day as he rescued them from the  cold, icy water and took them home!

It was on another cold dark when Keith received a call from the police.  They needed him and his boat to rescue two men who had flipped their boat over in Newcastle Center. He rushed over and rescued the two men who were by this time up a tree in  Grand Lake, Once again he became their savior!

One day I was lost out in the ocean of sin. There was no way out and I was sinking fast. Then I heard that Jesus loved me and gave his life that I could be saved and have everlasting life! It was then that I called upon Him ,”Jesus”,  and he heard my cry and wrapped His arms of love around me and rescued me! I obeyed Acts 2:38 and repented of my sin and was baptized in His precious name to have my sins remitted, washed away, and He then baptized me with His HOLY SPIRIT and I spoke in other tongues as His spirit gave the utterance.  Thank You Jesus! If you are in the condition I was in and want to be totally set free, you can do exactly the same as I did and be free indeed!

Oh what a Savior, Oh Hallelujah! His heart was broken on Calvary. His hands were nail scarred, His side was riven. He gave His life’s blood for you and me!

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‘Have you ever looked out of your window and seen a man coming toward you, now you may have known him, or it could have been just a hobo coming up the lane! you may have turned to your children to say ‘’Look, here comes a man” or in other words, “Behold the man” which means the same thing. When I was a child I was afraid of most hobos as they most always came up the path from the railway tracks to the house. mom would say, stay inside and don t go out until this man leaves, so we stayed to behold the man! Again as a child we would watch for Dad to come home from work we would shout    “here he comes or behold the man!’ as we went running down the hill to meet him.

Then as years went by and  Roy and I were going together, he lived just across the field. I would go upstair to get changed and as I looked out my window and saw him coming up the path that led from our  house to his I would get so excited because I knew he was coming for me! I would “Behold the man”!                  2 Kings chapter 2 tells the story of Elijah and Elisha.  Elijah told Elisha to tarry where he was as the Lord had told him to go to Jericho. Elisha answered “As the Lord liveth and as thy soul liveth, I will not leave thee. They went to Jericho and crossed over the Jordan and Elijah asked what he could do for him before he was taken away. Elisha said,”I pray thee let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me! And he said. Thou hast asked a hard thing,nevertheless, if thou see me when I am taken from thee , it shall be done! And it came to pass as they still went on , and talked, that behold  there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them asunder and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven” And Elisha saw it,and he cried, my father,my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof, and he saw him no more.But he received the mantle of Elijah and a double portion of his spirit BECAUSE he beheld the man and wouldn’t take his eyes off him!                                                           One day John was baptizing in the river of Jordan when some one asked him “art thou the Christ?” He told them that he was not the Christ. That there was one coming after him whose shoe latchets he was not worthy to undo.”  As he was saying this he saw Jesus coming to him to be baptized. When John saw Him he said”Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world!”                        The Jews however,didn’t like Jesus and they persuaded the Gentiles to crucify Him.so they stripped Him and beat Him with many stripes, His face was marred beyond recognition! Then they led him away to be crucified,Him bearing His cross. Jesus was so weak he could hardly go on so they hailed one Simon of Cyrene to carry it for him. Simon was so ashamed,I would think, to be seen with Jesus that day. Joseph of Arimathaea  begged for His body and put it in his own   tomb.On the third day Some of the women went to the tomb to anoint the body with spices but found the stone rolled away and the body was gone!  An angel told them that Jeseeeus was risen just like He said He told them to go tell the other disciples and Peter. After this He appeared to many of them on different occasions, then one day they watched as He ascended into heaven. He told them He is coming back in like manner as He went away!  Behold the Man! He is coming back, He said He would,He’s coming back again! Praise His Holy Name, he’s coming back again! He is coming back He said He would He’s coming back again!  Jesus is coming back again!  Behold what manner of man is this who stands twix God and man? whose eyes are as a flame of fire,whose sword is in His hand!behold what manner of man is this? what manner of man is He?

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How often have I made this statement I just don’t understand”? We may say Why?  If you are a parent you have probably gone through this stage with your child too. It seems their first question is “why?”. We may say it is time for lunch,they reply, “why?” or please pick up your toys, “but why?” This seems to keep up until they almost drive the parents up the wall and then they start school and the teacher must take care of it and the parents can breathe a sigh of relief!  Sometimes we as adults are much worse than a child when we start asking the question “why?” In fact we often complain so much we tend to almost drive our spouse crazy!  Let’s just try to stop and think of what we are doing before our next complaint and ask ourselves is it necessary or just becoming a habit!

I am reminded of the Bible story of Jonah, who went to go to Tarsus when God had told him to go to Nineveh! While on a ship to Tarsus  God caused a wild storm to come up and in order to have calm they cast lots and the lot fell on Jonah, He told them that he ran away from  God  and in order for them to have calm waters they would have to cast him into the sea. This they did but God had prepared a fish to swallow Jonah. He was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights when the fish became ill and threw him up on dry ground. He then went to Nineveh and told them to repent as God planed to destroy them in forty days. The people  repented and once again Jonah complained because God didn’t destroy them but gave them another chance. He just didn’t understand why God would do this to Him!

Now Job was a very patient man who was just the opposite of Jonah! Job lost everything he had including his family and was covered with boils from head to foot. His wife even told him to curse God and die, but Job stayed true to God and God gave him ten times more than he ever had! Job said “though God slay me, yet will I trust Him!”

I feel that God has probably given me these thoughts to help me so that I wouldn’t complain so much, but I thought I would pass them on in hope of helping someone else! Jesus said “I will never leave nor forsake you,’”And again “I will be with you to the end of the world”. He also said “as our days so would our strength be.”  My prayer is “Oh Lord, help me not to  be a complainer and constantly whine”! I don’t need to understand I just need to hold His hand, I don’t even need to ask the reason “why?”  For I know He will make a way, through the night and through the day. I don’t need to understand, I just need to hold His Hand,

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              Everyone seems to love a mystery story!  When I was young I liked to read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. I really never cared for mystery stories as I was just  too big of a coward! There was however nothing too serious  happening in these books ,and I knew what the end results would  be   before reading very far! It seems we all want to know what is the ending when we start.  It seems that one’s life is full of mysteries. A mystery  is something that makes  one wonder. My great granddad  used to misplace his glasses  and would then go around the house  looking for them and saying”now  isn’t that wonderful!”, meaning wouldn’t that make you wonder where  they went? A lot of the time they  would be up on his forehead or sometimes even on his eyes if they had been a bear they probably would have bitten him!  I too, have misplaced things and to this very day  have never found them. One thing I remember misplacing was a packet of undershirts I had gotten for my young son who was aged 4 yrs. at that time.  Today he is 40 yrs,old and  they have never been found. They may even be a little small for him now at 6ft.2.in.tall and 220 lbs.(lol)  The greatest mystery of all is why Jesus Christ  ever loved me and you  enough to go to the cross of Calvary so that we could have everlasting life. It was not of good that I had done, it is the gift of God!  My righteousness is as filthy rags in His sight!  He really wants us to go to live with Him  and to be His chosen people so that we may have fellowship with Him throughout the countless ages of eternity. Isn’t He wonderful? I don’t know of any other human being on earth that would do such a thing for any of us!   Wonderful,  Wonderful, Jesus is to me, Counselor, Prince of Peace, The Mighty God is He, Saving me, keeping me, from all sin  and shame! Wonderful  is my Redeemer, Praise His Name!  For He saves,  He keeps and He satisfies , this wonderful Savior of mine. One day I’ll meet Him in the sky this wonderful savior of mine!                                       [‘
























































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We just came home from Fredericton and oh what a condition the roads are in. We couldn’t even go across The Princess Margret Bridge as it was all closed and will be until Nov.15th.20/11. It was raining so hard which makes it hard to see the road, then with all the construction going on along with the rain it makes it quite impossible to drive under these conditions! It seemed too as if every car in the province was on the road! As we were turning into Sobeys Store in Oromocto all we could see down the road,   as far as we could see were car headlights for miles. It makes one wonder how many people can afford to keep all those cars on the road under such hard financial conditions! Which brings me to another terrible condition in today’s world. Finances! It seems as if everyone tries to keep up with the Joneses. We all want this and want that, think we have to have everything imaginable! All this only puts each one deeper in debt. I am not in debt neither do I own a credit card. We are, I think in the middle class, we do not own a credit card nor do I want one! If I had any money at all I’d probably give it all away if I saw someone in need! I am afraid in this day and age to owe anything ,I am afraid we are headed for a recession! Romans 13:8 says to owe no man anything! If we have a credit card chalk full when depression strikes I wonder what will happen? Would everything be lost? That is probably when man will take the Mark of the Beast, and if he does he will be lost forever without God, How sad that day will be! Then I think of Heart Condition! There have been at least two people in our area who passed away with massive heart attacks this past week, I don’t know really what happened to the third one. My Dad passed away a few years ago of a heart attack! Heart condition has been the number one killer for years although today I don’t know which is worse as cancer has taken it’s toll on so many people! The Bible also tells us that in the last days men’s hearts will fail them for fear! Jeremiah 17:9 says the heart is deceitful above all  things, and desperately wicked who can know it? vs.17 I the Lord search the heart, I try the reigns, even to give give every man according to his ways,and according to the fruit of his doings, Matthew 6:20 Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doeth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. Vs.21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also! Folks, There are so many conditions we could talk about but I think the most important one is the condition of our heart! It will pay us on that day when the Lord returns for His people to have our hearts pure and clean through His precious blood! There will be no excuse for us on that day as Jesus has already paved the way when He went to the cross of Calvary and took our place. I should have been crucified, I should have suffered and died. I should have hung on that cross in disgrace, but JESUS God’s Son took my place! Is your heart right with God? Washed in the crimson blood? Cleansed and made holy, humble and lowly, right in the sight of God?

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