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Have you ever been called upon to do a renovation job and when you got there you wondered why in the world did I ever consent to do this? You found it to be in worse condition than you could ever imagine! It may have been a whole lot easier just to tear the whole thing down and to start all over from scratch! On the other hand you may go into a place and find it looks so nice inside that you hate to start ripping things apart, but when you do get inside you find it impossible To repair the under boards are all nothing but rot! So once again you tear it apart and start all over again! It is so nice in the spring of the year to be able to do your housecleaning! When you are finished with all the fresh paint and paper it all looks so nice and clean, new and fresh. I once had a friend who just loved to keep changing things around! She was always papering her walls or painting them. I remember once she went and got this expensive paper and after putting it on her walls she decided she didn’t like it, so she went back and got another kind and put it on and was so happy about it.I guess she didn’t have to stop and think about the cost of it all! Well, if it was me, I’d first have to stop and consider the cost and also if I could find someone who would do it for me as I am almost sure my good husband who does most all of my papering would not redo a job like that, nor would I expect him too! Then too, I’m not that crazy about cleaning as I don’t like throwing things away! I suppose i should really clean house about every two months to get rid of all my clutter! There are times when we allow our lives to become all cluttered and before we realize it things keep creeping in on us. Before we know it we are all messed up! When things first start to come into our lives we may think “oh that is ok.I’ll never get addicted to this, it’s not something I really like anyhow!” Before too long you may wake up and think wow! I’ve done it this time-you are now hooked on several things and don’t really care to give them up! Now old Satan sits back and says ” HA,HA, I have you now and there is no way out!” If he gets you this far you may become so depressed and down and actually believe what he tells you! Until you get to thinking the way he wants you too – I may as well die, I’d be better off now”, not realizing you would only be doing yourself more harm! Also hurting your family and friends! What you really need to do is-to turn your life around and to call upon Jesus Christ and say please help me Jesus! He will hear the faintest cry and quickly come to your rescue! He will take a heart that is broken and mend it and turn your life around! He changed my life, He made me happy! He gave me peace beyond compare! He promised me, He’d never leave me and if I ever had a problem I could call and he’d be there! He’s still working on me. To Make me what I ought to be. It took Him just a week to make the moon and stars, the sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars. How loving and patient He must be! Yes, He is still working on me!


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My Dad was a lumberman and worked in the woods and sawmills for most of his life. For years he worked at Cobourns mill which was at least two miles from our home. he had no car and had to walk to work. He would leave the house before daybreak. The whistle would blow at six o’clock when they would leave the house working a 12 hour day. At night the whistle would blow again signifying they would soon be coming home! How excited we would get when we seen him start up the old path, lunch can in hand, but oh, how weary he would be! We would be so excited running to meet him shouting here he comes!In those days church service would start at eight pm. to give the millworkers and farmers a chance to get to church. They rarely missed an opportunity to go to church unless they were ill, getting home around eleven pm, as they still had to walk wherever they went. They never complained even though they were up early the next morning and ready to go back down that long road to work. But God really blessed and was in our midst. Many souls came to the Lord. My three uncles lived with us for years when they were young as their mother passed away when they were very young! When they were older and had gone to live with their father they would still visit us whenever possible. I remember the old train stopping at the station and my youngest uncle, Aubrey coming up the track usually singing to the top of his lungs, away we would go shouting here he comes, here he comes! We were all so happy to see him! we would have a great time with him playing his make-believe guitar and singing ding-a-ling-a ling-a with the rest singing right along having a church service, he was also the preacher! Even after they were all married when we seen them coming the shouts of “here they come” would fill the air! When I was just a small child my Dad and Mom would get the family all ready and off to church we would go, This was always a special treat for us – we loved to go to church! When we were growing up we went to church twice on Sunday sometimes if there was something special it was three times! Wednesday evening was Bible Study and Prayer Service, Friday night we had youth service and there was usually a Prayer Meeting tucked in there too, I believe usually on a Monday night! I can remember those old house meetings so well. Our Pastor, Bro McElroy, didn’t have a car either but when we would see him and his wife with their little girl Brenda on the sled on those cold winter nights, there was still that sound of shouting “Here they come!” filling the air! What beautiful services we had! Remembering these times today with our parents and old friends and loved ones, most of who have gone on to their reward gives me a greater longing than ever before for that day that is not far off! Soon and very soon our Blessed Lord is going to return for his chosen people! 2 These. 1:7 says “And to you who are troubled rest with us , when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with His mighty angels,in flaming fire,taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ… 2Peter 2:10 says” But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved. what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness.1 Cor. 15:51 Behold I shew you a mystery; we shall not all sleep.but we shall all be changed, in a moment , in the twinkling of an eye,at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed! vs.57 But thanks be to God who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! In the great triumphant morning when we hear the Bridegroom cry and the dead in Christ shall rise. We’ll be changed to life immortal in the twinkling of an eye. And meet Jesus in the sky! We shall all rise to meet Him, We shall all go to greet Him in that morning when the dead in Christ shall rise. We shall all rise to meet him we shall all go to greet Him and we will have a marriage supper in the sky! I believe He’s coming back like He said! I believe the trump’s going to sound so loud one day He’ll raise the dead! In the twinkling of an eye He’s going to break the eastern skies I believe He’s coming back just like He said!

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I feel that I am really blessed today! Can I tell you why? Every since I was a child I have had praying parents. I was really blessed , and didn’t even relize it at the time! I can remember being awakened out of a sound sleep early in the morning by my Dad downstairs praying! He would pray for every one around including our missionaries and usually end up praying for his family and himself! Most Sunday afternoons would find him locked in his bedroom upstairs praying for the service that night that God’s spirit would move in our midst! He was a great man, I know he had faults just like everyone else. He wasn’t perfect or he probably would have been translated just like Enoc! But he did walk with God! I also remember my Mom, we would come in late at night and hear her praying! Mom seemed to always use wisdom,” God given wisdom” We always knew who to call on when we needed prayer. She had a great faith in God! I was so blessed! When I was a teenager I know that at times I would become rebellious, But I never did want to walk away from God! I must have kept them both busy praying, I was so blessed! We went through a time or sorrow but God was with us! Then He blesswed me with a godly husband! He then blessed us with a fine family! God is so good to me! I just can’t thank Him enough for I am TRULY BLESSED! `’ !I am blessed, I am blessed! Every day that I live I am blessed! When I wake up in the morning, or I lay my head to rest. I am blessed! I am blessed!

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According to the Merriam-Webster Thesaurses… a title means name” What is in a name? There are all sorts of things in a name! In fact there are just too many things for me to discuss here. I will try to tell you a few things however.Have you ever tried to go around without a name for awhile? Some people will try to use an alias but that is not the same as your own name. I have in my hands a book with a title it is Easy Computing for Seniors by the Editors of FC&A Publishing.A step- by-step handbook from Start-up to Shut-down! If I had just said I had a handbook with a title it wouldn’t have told you much would it? It is so much better to know the title!To me there is definitely a difference between a title or a name! If you are a man would you like everyone to go around calling you Sir or Mr., but never your own name,Or if you are a woman would you prefer to be called by your given name than Mrs., or Lady? Half of the time we wouldn’t know we were being spoken to. When we speak of the Queen of England She is usually called Queen Elizabeth.This way we understand she is our current Queen!. We know too that her last or surname is Windsor and that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg has a surname of Mont baton! Our Prime Minister has a name, Steven Harper. as has our Premier David Alward. Our Pastor has a name beside the title of Reverend. Our most recent pastor’s name was Rev,Landon Decker who has resigned and moved on to a new territory. Our interim Pastor is Rev.Daniel Swim When I was in school My teachers actually had last names too! One of my last teachers was Charles Caterini,He was a very good and kind teacher. My husband also has a surname of Sparks.I could go on and on , but I think you understand that we can’t get by without a surname. God told Job I have called by your name,I have surnamed you. There are many gods in our world today! For example the Muslim god Allah and the Buddhism god is Buddha. In Paul’s time they had many gods but they also had one to the Unknown God!In the book of Acts Paul explained to them who this unknown,, God was! This was the God Jehovah of the old Testament!. He was the Great I AM! In the New Testament He was The Lord Jesus Christ! and He is still the Great I Am~ He always was and always will be! He is the Beginning and the End! He is the Alpha and the Omega! He said “whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of JESUS! Jesus said “I and my father are one”! He also SAID WHATSOEVER YE DESIRE, WHEN YE PRAY, BELIEVING, ASK IN JESUS NAME AND WE WOULD RECEIVE IT! Jesus said in this world there are many gods but they were all made with hands and cannot see or hear and when asked if He were the God or if there was another, He said No, I Know not any! On the Day of Pentecost when Peter was asked what must we do to be saved? He answered in Acts 2:38 REPENT AND BE BAPTISED (how?) IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS (WHAT FOR?) FOR THE REMISSION OF YOUR SINS, AND YE SHALL RECEIVE THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST.He goes on to say “for the promise is unto you and to your children, and to all that are afar off, as many as the Lord your God shall call.” That means for us today! What great and precious promises from a Great Big Wonderful God! When we are baptized in his name in water baptism we actually take on the name of Jesus!We are surnamed in his name! The titles are not His name. His Name is Jesus! If my husband gave me a cheque and just signed it husband, father, and son (which he is all three) I am sorry but I would think the Banker would still ask for his name! I want to be called by His Name! He has called me by my name and I am His. What a consolation to my heart is this. Though the floods will not overflow. Through the fire with me he’ll go, He has called me by my name and I am His!

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Are you marked!

We were in a restaurant one day when a bunch of bikers came in and they had marks that seemed to be marked all over their bodies. I don’t know why anyone would want to be tattooed all over their bodies! One reason I don’t like it is the way they do it! I wouldn’t even watch it being done. Then there are those who like the air-brushed tattoo!so, This kind of tattoo will wash off after about one week. I know this since my daughter-in-law does this every once in awhile. Anyhow I really don’t care for tattoos! In Genesis chapter 4 we read the story of Cain and his brother Abel. Cain was jealous of his brother Abel and killed him. So God punished Cain, who said his punishment was greater than he could bear. He was afraid that everyone that found him would kill him vs.14, so God set a mark upon Cain, lest anyone finding him would kill him. Psalms 37:37 says”Mark the perfect man and behold the upright ; for the end of that man is peace!”To be marked is to be set apart. In Exodus 19;5 God was talking to the children of Israel. He said “if ye will obey my voice and keep my covenant then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people; for all the earth is mine,” Also Titus 2:14 Who gave himself for us that he might redeem us from all our iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works! Whose side are you on? There are only two sides – God’s side or the side of the enemy! We will be marked one way or the other! If we don’t live for Jesus here and have his mark on us then we will end up with the mark of the beast which is the devils mark. To be marked for Christ here and now is to be seen by the world as living for JESUS. They watch to see how we live and act and also our dress will tell them just what and who we mwe! It will pay us to be on God’s side! He has done so much for us surely we can put aside our own selfish ways to live for Him, I am marked, marked, marked, I am marked now where so ever I go! I am marked, marked, marked, What I am everyone seems to know I am sealed, sealed, sealed, I am sealed by His Spirit divine! Glory to God! Hallelujah, Amen I am His and I know he is mine!

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Have you ever started out with just enough gas in your car to make it to where ever you are going thinking I have enough and I will refill it later when I get home again?  If so you aren’t alone!  Roy and I went on a short trip one day a few years ago thinking we had plenty of gas to get there and back home again.Well guess what, about one mile from our home the car  sputtered to a stop, we had run out of gas, Fortunately for us we were almost in front of my brother’s home and he came to our aid!

Once again, have you ever started somewhere thinking I have lots  of time to get there, oh yeah, I can make it alright but when you get to the meeting place wherever you were going you found out it had already started!  It is really embarrassing! It feels as if all eyes are stayed on you, I have done this several times.

I think most everyone has heard the children’s story of the little red engine. There were three engines and there was a bad storm right at Christmas time, Now this was the only way to get a load of toys and other Christmas gifts to a certain village for the children in time for Christmas morning, So they tried to get the biggest engine to take them to this  village. They got it all loaded up and he was very excited as he started off with a huff and a puff, As he got to a large hill he was saying I know I, can, I know I can , I know I  can,  Then it was  I think  I can , I t  h i n k  I  c a n ,  I  t  h  i  n  k  I  c  a  n , I  know I can’t ,I know I can’t, I know I can’t as back  down the hill he went!  So they went and got the second smaller engine who was so proud to be doing th.THE job of the large engine. They hooked him up to the cars loaded with gifts and away he went saying “I know I can, I know I can, I know I can, until he reached the half way mark and then it was I t h i n k  I  c a n , I t h i n k I  c a n .  I  t  h  i  n  k   i    c   a   n then I know  I can’t, I know I can’t  and  back down the  hill  he went!   How disappointed they all were!  What shall we do? Now the little engine was just jumping for joy!  “”Ask me, Ask me,” he  said!  You are too little said the conductor. “Try me , try me he begged”  Well I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try they said as they hooked this tiny engine on to the cars loaded with gifts.  This little engine started off so slowly, it was such a heavy load for this small engine! He went huffing and puffing  until he came to the hill and then he started saying “ I  t h i n k I can,  I   t  h  i  n  k   I   c  a  n ,  I   t   h   i  n   k   I   c   a   n ,  by this time he had climbed over the roughest part and his huffs and puffs started coming faster and faster!  I  think I can, I know I can I know I can as he went happily huffing and puffing into the village.  Here he was met by all the villagers who gave him an outstanding applause!  How proud and happy this little engine was because he had given a special gift to the children of the village!

Sometimes we as Christians start out just like the biggest engine. We try huffing and puffing our way to heaven.   We think we are doing great until we meet up with a little obstacle and back down the hill we go rolling1  Perhaps we nay judge people like that and think “If they would only let me try I would show them how to do it! so we start out the same way,  and then something comes our way and topples us over too!  If we could be more like that little engine and get a more sure foundation and keep our hand in the hand of the Lord and ask His guidance through life and whatever comes our way just cast them at the feet of Jesus and keep on going until we reach our heavenly goal!

Romans 8;35 “who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress,or persecution, or famine,or peril,or sword? vs.36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long;we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.vs.37 Nay,in all these things we are more than conquerors  through him that loved us. vs:38 For I am persuaded that neither death,nor life,nor angels ,nor principalities,nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, vs.39 nor, height nor depth, nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Jesus Christ our Lord. 

  I know  that I can make it, Jesus put it in my will. To reach the New Jerusalem , each step is a thrill! Though the devil wars against me, tries to hinder my climb. I see the lights there in the distance. It’s just a matter of time!                                              

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Do you own a GPS (GLOBAL POSITIONING SATALITE)? We borrowed our son’s GPS one day to go to Moncton, although we knew this highway well. While going down through a stretch of woods the GPS kept telling us to take the next road although it was an old logging road. My granddaughter got a real kick out of it as my husband kept telling the ladies voice to keep quiet, he didn’t want to hear anymore! But it really did make him decide to never have a GPS. I believe it was in February of this year that a young teacher started over north to teach. Being from another province and not familiar with the area at all, she was depending upon her GPS to get her to her destination. That was the wrong thing to do as it led her into an old logging road in a real blizzard and got stuck. I think she was in there for about two weeks before being found by a logger. what a scare this must have given her family! 

My nephew had.just gotten his drivers license and recently moved back to New Brunswick, decided one evening shortly after that he had to go to Fredericton so away he went not knowing the area very well.He started back home and since there was road work going on he thought he would return via the Vanier. He got confused and headed straight for Saint John, Around 10pm.our phone rang on this dark, rainy night, It was LORNE calling my husband,he was lost and didn’t know where he was or how to get back home, after he answered a few questions he was back on the right highway and happily headed for home!

A few years ago my hubby and i went to Montreal with my Aunt and Uncle. We were coming home when we missed a turn off and landed in Quebec City. after running around for awhile and looking the City over we managed to get out a couple hours later. We then headed once again for home. We were talking and laughing and didn’t notice when we came to the next turn off and once again took the wrong road. We drove about one hundred miles before we came to a tourist bureau. There a very nice lady got out a map and showed us where we were and told us about a short cut so we wouldn’t have to go over all those roads again, After a few miles of twisty and very rough roads we were once again back on our homeward highway!

It is so easy to get side tracked and off we go on the wrong road. There is another HIGHWAY that takes us through this old life. It is called the KINGS highway! Jesus has left us a map to follow so we won’t end up on the wrong road. Matthew 7;13 Jesus said “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way , that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: vs.14  Because  strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life , and few there be that find it! vs.21  Not everyone that saith unto me ,Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth  the will of my Father which is in heaven. So we see here that it is possible to get on the wrong road. If we read God’s Word and obey it according to Acts 2:38 we can be saved.  St.John 12:47 Jesus said “I came not to judge the world, but to save the world!…..48 the WORD that I have spoken the same shall judge him in the last day….49 the Father which sent me, He gave me a commandment, what I should say and what I should speak…59  and I know that His commandment is life everlasting:whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me so I speak! We should seek to please God, not the people or the church as we know that  neither of these can or will save us! It is through the precious blood of Jesus alone that we will be changed and saved. It isn’t Denomination that saves us as Jesus said I came to seek and to save that which is lost!

There’s a highway to heaven, none can walk up there. but the pure in heart.  There’s a highway to heaven and I’m walking on the king’s highway!

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