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My husband and son just came in from working at their mill, both look exhausted and so hot! They are saying the temperature is 30 degrees in Fredericton but with the humidity it’s as if it is 40 degrees. Man, that is hot! The first thing they did when they came in was stop at the water cooler and had a nice large glass of cold water! They tell me that a person can live for weeks if they don’t eat food but no longer than three days without water! Water is so important in our lives!

If you are like me you just hate having an operation! One of the worst things about it is the after effects, dry mouth! You ask for a drink of water and they say “Oh no, not now,it will just make you sick”! Here I am just longing for a drink of nice cold water and they won’t let me have it! It just makes me so frustrated! I remember when my father was so ill after his operation and wanted a drink so badly and he couldn’t even have ice chips. I just couldn’t stay there and listen to him begging for something to moisten his mouth so I gave him a breath mint. He told me after I  had saved his life! It didn’t make him any sicker but he started to come around and could soon have a drink of water, Whenever I went to visit him in hospital after that I always took him a supply of breath mints, which he really appreciated!

I was reading my Bible this morning St John chapters 3 & 4 and these words jumped out at me, “Jesus answered , verily,verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God! verse 5. Then on to verse 15 & 16-17. This lets us know just how important water is! That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish ,but have everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. In other words just believing in God is not enough!  We must believe enough to  obey what he says and be baptized in water in the Name of Jesus for the remission of our sins and He will fill us to overflowing with His Holy Spirit! This is that Living Water He was telling the woman of Samaria about in Chapter 4. He told her if she had asked Him, He would have given her that Living water Verse 13 Jesus said unto her, whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again,v.14 But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life! He went on to say in v.24 God is a Spirit and  they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth!

Jesus gave her water that was not in the well. Jesus gave her water that was not in the well! She went away singing, and came back bringing  others for the Water that was not in the well!

I am drinking at the well of Living Water! Happy now am I, my soul they satisfy! Drinking at the well of Living water. Oh wonderful and bountiful supply!


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I sometimes get so lonely and long for a visitor and at this point it wouldn’t matter who it happens to be!  I love those visits from my family but when they leave the loneliness is there all over again!  I was reminded of this today as we were parked in front of a Shoppers Drug Store that had a sign out front saying “Visit Us”! Of course we know the reason for our visit there is that they want our money and we visit them too often sometimes and go home broke! It is so nice to get out for a while though if only to sit in the car and watch people go by on their busy way while hubby runs errands for me.

I do miss those evenings when I still lived with my  parents, just about every evening visitors would drop by, could be aunts and uncles, cousins and just plain friends, Our big old kitchen seemed to be a good meeting place and we all loved  this habit of them all visiting!  Sometimes they would be telling ghost stories, sometimes playing games, etc. It was always so much fun. After we were married we joined the crowd at mom and dad’s even though all children were small, they too enjoyed going there! When Mom and Dad were gone our home became a meeting place for quite a few years. Now that those friends and relatives have all gone on to their reward they are all sorely missed!

I wonder, when we say ”come visit us sometime”   do we always mean it, or should I  say are we sincere?  I always feel so good when I visit somebody and they are so happy to see me! Do we make them feel the same way when they visit us? I sure hope so!  The Bible tells us to be hospitable or kind to others. It also tells us ”be not forgetful to entertain strangers  thereby some have  entertain angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2

What I am really longing for today is a visitation of God’s Holy Spirit! We need Him more as we see the Day approaching!  Are we really looking for Him to return for His people? He also said “when the Son of Man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth”?  I want to seek Him with my whole being, Just to be so full 0f faith in Christ as He is just the same yesterday, today and forever. Thank You Jesus!

I’ll be a friend to Jesus, My life for Him I’ll spend!I’ll be a friend to Jesus until my years shall end! I’ll live for Him who died for me, how happy then my life shall be. I’ll live for Him who died for me, my Savior and my God!

Oh come Holy Spirit I need Thee, Oh come Sweet Spirit I pray. Come in Thy Strength and Thy power. Oh, come in Thine own Special Way!


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  When I  was just  a youngster one of the most popular games we liked to play was “Hide and Seek”.  The neighborhood children would gather at our house and we had lots of places to hide.. Dad had all kinds of out side   buildings– there was a bunch of fox pens, Plus two huge    barns, a large milk house and a woodshed. So we kids had all kinds of fun.

I remember one time when my younger brother hid in a buck board  wagon and fell asleep. Dad had left for church,of course in those we didn’t have a car and he was walking out the road when we  discovered Ernie had gone missing!  We yelled his name and no response. Mom came looking for him too .  We thought we had looked everywhere and Mom  sent  us to catch Dad and tell him Ernie was gone. Of course,  We all thought that he had fallen in the well. Dad came back and got a mirror and looked in the well but couldn’t find him,  Mom went  running around the barn hollering his name, when she passed the wagon  he woke up and sit up wondering what all the commotion was  about!

I know of one other time I was hiding but it was no fun either, My Uncle  Wilfred was coming and I was terrified of his funny faces, so away upstairs I scooted before he could get in the house and under Mom’s bed to the back of the wall I went! They knew I was afraid of him and figured I’d come out after he left. They found me sound asleep under the bed hours later!

When we look back on these things we may think they are so funny! But the Bible tells us there is coming a time when men will cry out for a hiding place only to find out they have left it too late and although they cry for the rocks and  mountains to fall on them there will be no hiding place!  Rev.6:15 & 16,  No Hiding Place down here. There’s no hiding place down here1  I went to the mountains to hide my  face  but the rocks cried  out no hiding place.  There’s no hiding place down here! If we want to find a hiding place we should make our place sure now by hiding in the Rock of Ages.  O safe is the Rock that is higher than I, my soul in it’s conflicts and sorrows would fly . So sinful, so weary, Thine, thine would I be.  Thou blest Rock of Ages I’m hiding in Thee!                                                                                                             

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I love to have a good hot cup of tea with a nice cold bowl of hard ice cream!  I also like sweet and sour things together!  An example of this is a nice peanut butter and jam sandwich  along with a nice sour pickle! You may be like my husband and by now saying.  Boy, is she ever different! But, I really like the contrast! Isn’t it nice on a bitterly cold day to hop in a tub of nice warm water?  Or, on a real hot summer day to  have a cold shower!

Human nature is so strange, in summer we enjoy days that are in the sixties temperature  wise but in the winter if it is this warm we think we are going to freeze! We think we need our homes to be at least 80 degrees in the winter and about 60 in the summer!

It is no nice to go from our hot car that has no air conditioner into our air conditioned home!We like hard candy and soft ice cream. The Bible tells us to love our enemies but I am afraid that most of the time the opposite is true. We should try to love them to pieces and not kill them with hate!

A light house was used to guide ships to shore before they had all these new Navigational guides , now most of our light houses are used for recreational places which is quite a contrast to what they were actually designed for!

Today the church is compared to a light house which is to guide sinners to repentance, but, sad to say, a lot of our churches are used more for recreational activities than they are for soul saving stations! 

There are so many things I could talk about when it comes to contrast but the biggest contrast I know is the difference between Heaven and Hell! When I leave this old world it will either be eternity in pleasure in a place called Heaven or a place of torment, either one of these will be for eternity. This is the biggest contrast there is. Heaven is going to be a beautiful place  but Hell will be a Lake of fire and brimstone, The choice is ours!  Where will you spend eternity?

Eternity, eternity, where you spend eternity? It’s Heaven or Hell for you and me. Now make your choice, where it be?

I thank God for the Light House, I owe my life to Him. For Jesus is the Light House and from the rocks of sin, He has shone a light around me , that I could clearly see. If it wasn’t for the Light House, tell me, where would this ship  be?

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The other day a friend called and requested the words ..to this old song. I did find it in an old hymnal. I hadn’t heard it sung in years.  It is just chalk full of truth and I would love to share it with you and hope that your faith will be increased as it blesses your soul  like lt did mine!

Truth and beauty and happiness,, it’s all in the name of Jesus health and heaven, peace and rest. It’s all in the name of Jesus. Joy and gladness. forgiveness too, Life everlasting and free All that I longed for and all that I need.  It’s all in the name of Jesus.

Chorus!- Jesus, Jesus, He is here and He will show you the way, Jesus, Jesus He’s all that you need today!

Care and comfort, healing and grace. It’s all in the name of Jesus. Welcome, pardon, a hiding place, it’s all in the name of Jesus. Warmth and sunshine, friendship true, fulfillment and blessing untold. Hope for tomorrow and help for today. It’s all in the name of Jesus!


There is just no place else we can go or nobody else we can turn to in our time of need. He will satisfy every longing of our soul!  If you don’t know Jesus as your personal friend.Please try Him and call upon that name. You will find peace and contentment you have never before known. He is such a great God!

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I have asked this question to several people, when they have asked me something and I don’t really know the answer I have found myself answering them with this question "How would I know?", I seldom hear anything as I don’t talk on the telephone very much so I never hear all the gossip.

Perhaps some people may think I am not trustworthy, I don’t know, but I am very forgetful plus a wee bit deaf which got me in trouble once when I repeated something I shouldn’t have and I had to go apologize. This really taught me a lesson! Now I will repeat no rumor but have to know it is true! But there are some things I do know and when asked I will tell them the truth.

I sometimes don’t believe it would be wise to say ,"How would I know?" if I already do. Someone asked me about one of my family recently and when I said I had not heard anything I think they thought I was lying.I found out about a month later what they were talking about.

There are some things i do know and If asked I will tell them so. If you ask me a question concerning the Bible I would tell you the truth and if I didn’t know the answer I would find it in the Bible. For example if you asked, “How do you know you are saved?” I would give this answer- ”I know I am saved because I have experienced Acts 2:38 just like they did on the day of Pentecost!”

Like the following chorus:

“You ask me how I know,Jesus blood washes whiter than snow, I can say I know it is so, for Jesus did it for me.Take a life that is broken by sin, Jesus blood can mend it again and give you joy that will never end. Jesus did it for me! Jesus did it for me, I’m so glad Jews did it for me, If your bound he will set you free, Jesus did it for me and what He said in His word is true. Anything in His Name He will do and I know He will do it for you. Jesus did it for me. I know without a doubt, Jesus love can bring you out and give you something to shout about. Jesus did it for me, He’ll make your pathway bright. Take away all your sin and strife and write your name in The Book Of Life. Jesus did it for me!”

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