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A vessel is a container in which something is kept. If we want to keep something we put it in a container, cover it and put a label on it. I have made the mistake many times of putting something into a container that had been broken or cracked and it started to pour out. Sometimes I have lost all the content while other times I have managed to save a bit or perhaps all of it. It all depends on if I caught it in time. I have poured hot jam in a container and the bottom cracked all around and I lost all of the jam I had poured into it. It makes me really frustrated when this happens as it is too expensive to just throw ingredients away so I try to be more careful with the vessels I use.

We have a joke in our house about using containers for things that are not really supposed to be in them. For example our son brought home  several large bottles of hot sauce.  We thought it would be easier to handle in smaller containers – so we used older bottles such as ketchup and French dressing to put the hot sauce in. Then it happened – Our Son-in-law came home and we had a nice big meal with my favourite tossed salad.  I put the salad on the table and was going to let each one put on the dressing they  preferred. Now my son loves hot sauce on most everything especially meat. As we sat down and started dinner I heard a queer Aarg  ! Aarg! What is in that bottle? I looked at Bill who by this time had eyes bulged and beet red face!  Hot sauce I answered trying to keep a straight face! ‘Well, we usually keep hot sauce in a hot sauce bottle with the right label on it’ he said as my husband and family laughed hysterically at poor Bill’s expense, as he continued to gag and sputter.  Now when he picks up a ketchup bottle he most always asks if it really is what it says. We most always gets  another laugh out of it but to Bill it isn’t funny. I try to make sure for everyone’s sake now that I use the correct labels on all containers.

Now it happened again just last week! My husband gets water from a spring in smaller containers.  My homemaker asked me what I used to clean my hardwood floors. I told her I just used a little vinegar in the water. After looking for and not seeing the vinegar in its’ usual place I heard “Oh here it is right beside the microwave oven’. She then proceeded to do the floors. She picked  up the vinegar bottle and poured the vinegar (supposedly) into the water.  I thought it strange I didn’t smell vinegar when she was washing the floors and I wrote it down on my “to get” list. My hubby came in later and I told him “ Sue used all the vinegar on the floor so we mustn’t forget to get some more.” He replied “all that new bottle I just got?” I answered I didn’t know it was a new bottle, the one beside the microwave stand. He  then laughed and said “Oh, she used my water”  Sue had a great laugh over it as well.  The very next day my other homemaker Lois came in and was making pie crust after she had it in the oven I asked “ did you find the vinegar, Lois?”  “Oh, yes, it was right beside the microwave stand” Then “Oh no, I used the water instead of the vinegar”  Now we all laughed but the pie crust was excellent anyhow!

I think of the story in the Bible where Jesus turned the water into wine at the wedding in Cana. When  His mother told Him they had run out of wine, He had compassion on the bridegroom and told the servants to fill all the vessels and they filled them to the brim with water then told them now draw out and serve it to the Governor.  I have no idea when it became wine but when the Governor tasted the WINE he said to the Bridegroom “How is it that you have left he best wine until the last, That is not the way it should be done, they always serve the best wine first but you have kept it until everyone has well drunken and then bring in the best wine,  The people didn’t know JESUS had performed another miracle right before their eyes.  Jesus is still performing miracles today. I want to be a vessel meet for the Master’s  use.I don’t want to be a broken or damaged vessel in any way. I just want to be a tabernacle that His Holy Spirit can dwell in. I want to have the right label on my forehead – “JESUS CHRIST”!

Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary. Pure and Holy. Tried and True. With Thanksgiving I’ll be a living sanctuary for you!


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    1. We all know what a mouth is! Have you ever entered a cave or a tunnel? First you have to enter the mouth of either one. I remember my husband and I went for a boat ride way down river and then we came to the mouth of the Lake and had to cross over.  The water was very rough and it was a real scary trip that day for us.  When we go to Montreal we most always go through the tunnel and it really gives me a queer feeling when we go through the mouth of that tunnel! I guess it is just knowing there is water above and all around us and I just keep hoping we get  all the way through without an accident holding us up in there. We know that everyone has a  mouth unless by a freak of nature they have been born without one. That is something I have never heard of.  Not only is the mouth used for eating but also for speaking.  I have heard people speaking their throat (tracheotomy) which isn’t a very pleasant sound and is very hard to understand.
    2. Psalms 8:2 – Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings has thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger!
    3. Matt. 12:24 – out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Rom 10:10
    4. The Bible also tells us to let the weak say I am strong!
    5. The mouth is so very important to each one of us.The prayer of my heart which is often spoken by my mouth is like David of old – Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, Oh Lord, my strength and my redeemer.

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What is a watchman?  According to Vines Dictionary a watchman is one who not only stays awake but is also watchful and intent upon a certain thing! For most of his life my Dads was a hard working woodsman. He knew what it was to cut lumber and yard it from the woods with a horse.  He was away from home much of the time  while towing logs up the Grand Lake and into Coburn’s Mill with a Quidde.  He was working with another man who was an alcohol who often had to sleep off hangovers and that  left Dad to stay awake and watch all night for things that would hinder the logs from going to the mill.  After a couple weeks of this he came home one night for a rest.  Before going to bed he and Mom were having devotions when she heard Dad saying “Thank You Lord for this wine!  Mom thought he had lost his mind but he had only gone to sleep. He also worked at Colour’s Mill. He surveyed for Ashley Colder. He along with my uncle and Ray Briggs planted the Pine Trees over at the Scott Place in Princess Park. When Spring came  men from all round would make their way to our house and spend the night getting ready to go on the stream drive next morning early.  I remember hating to see them go because I knew it was dangerous work and that he wouldn’t be home for at least two weeks and maybe more.  They lived in a scow during this time.  Dad and two other men would go on ahead of the rest of the men and clear any log jams that may occur so the others could drive the logs down stream to the Mill. I also remember how excited we would get when we would go down to the shore and watch as we would see a scow and Everett Brown, who was the cook for the men just coming slowly around the turn in the river. We would wait until he got to our shore and he would most always treat us with a good hunk of molasses cake or cookies.  He was a reel good cook!  Dad was a hard worker and never backed away from it, this was probably why he had his first heart attack at the early age of 46 years. After this he couldn’t do this kind of hard physical labour any more so he went to work as a janitor in the  Oromocto schools.  This was no easy job either. After  a few years he had to quit  this job also and he went to work as a Watchman at the Government snow shed in Lakeville Corner. He had to keep watch for the ice storms and make sure the supervisor was informed when to send the sand trucks out on the highways to try t0o prevent accidents.  When the snow storms came he had to alert them again to get the snow ploughs on the roads.  He passed away at the early age of 74 years. 

God keeps the night watch for you and for me! He gives his angels charge concerning us day and night.  The Bible tells us “The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him and delivereth them!  Thank You, Jesus!  Isa.21:11 Watchman, what of the night? The Watchman said, the morning cometh and also the night. Ps. 127:1  Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. My mind goes to Matt. 26:4 Matt 26:40- 41 And He cometh unto the disciples and findeth them asleep, and sayeth unto Peter, What, could ye not watch with me one hour? Watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation; the spirit indeed is willing but the  flesh is weak! Mark 13:35 Watch ye therefore for ye know not when the master of the house cometh,at even, or at midnight or at the cock crowing or in the morning, Lest coming suddenly he finds you sleeping. And what I say unto you I say unto all Watch!               The King is coming in Glory to catch His     Bride away. It may be in the morning, it may be at mid day. In the evening or twilight  His voice shall sound so clear. The dead in Christ and we that live His voice shall hear!

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I suppose most of us have listened to children playing when all of a sudden the playing stops and we hear “no, you can’t play with that, it is mIne!” The child psychologists would tell us not to interfere with them but to let them work the problems out by themselves. There are times when we adults act worse than these children. We get so selfish and want things our way and to keep things for ourselves. That is not the way it should be.The Bible says if we have two coats to give our brother one. We are to be our brothers keeper!
Jesus is coming soon and we should be out there working for Him instead of wrangling amongst ourselves, Let us show forth His love to others and forget about ourselves.
We know that some are even this way when it comes to sharing the gospel. They think there are those who have no part in it but Jesus gave his life for each one and He is no respecter of persons. We can all say Jesus is mine!
Let us hold up our Pastor in prayer and love them with all our heart. Oh, that the house of the Lord might be full and overflowing with souls who are hungry for the Lord. The joy of the Lord is my strength and also yours! It is mine,mine, Blessed be His Name! He has given peace, perfect peace to me. It is mine, mine, Blessed be His Name! Mine for all Eternity!

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