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  Fall is such a gorgeous time of the year with all the beautiful trees and their colourful leaves and when the sun shines on them they change to their glorious neon colours!  Autumn began yesterday, September 23.  Forecast for today is cloudy with periods of rain,amount 5mm. Winds SE 20 km,  high of 12 degrees.  Lois, (my homecare worker) who has a Birthday today, says her sister, Hazel, with raincoat and rubber boots, is out working the fields today in this rain which has already begun to fall.  Tomorrow is market day and everyone will be there looking for their fall supplies for pickling, pie making, decorations, etc.  Thanksgiving is coming right up and we need those pumpkins and apples for those delicious   pies!  Don`t  you just love it when entering a home that lovely aroma of pickles and apple pie fills your nostrils.  The hay is cut and is in  the barn, lofts filled for feeding the  animals this winter. The veggies are mostly all picked and either stored in the cellar or taken to market. The humming birds have gone south and the geese along with the other birds are flocking up and getting ready to leave for the south where it is much warmer.  The Snowbirds,too, are getting ready to go south for the winter! Many people  don`t  like the snow and cold weather, while I choose to stay right where I am.  I guess I prefer the snow and cold weather instead of people being mugged and kidnapped, tornadoes and other dangers they have to contend with.

The Bible tells us we reap what we sow. We don`t sow corn and expect potatoes to grow in stead or wheat for turnips. I`m sure when that farmer sows his seed he knows what and where he is planting, and when he starts to reap his crop he goes to the parcel of ground that he wants to reap first and expects to have a good crop.  Even so, in working our Master, when we plant our seed we either plant for God or for Satan. God is calling for workers in His Harvest fields.  He said the grain is already ripe for harvest but the laborers are few. Satan knows there isn`t much time left and the Bible tells us he fears and trembles. Let us be on God`s side work our hardest for Him. Satan is trying to discourage God`s people, but lets rebuke him in Jesus Name, because he alone is able to deliver us and take us home with Him for all eternity!    He is able to deliver thee! He is able to deliver thee! Though by sin oppressed, come to Him for rest. Our God is able to deliver thee!

It`s Harvest Time!  It`s Harvest Time, The rain is falling. The Saviour`s calling. Oh, do not wait, it`s growing late. Behold the fields are white it`s Harvest Time!



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Once again it is that time of the year to get  everything tidied up before the winter sets in with all of its fury!  My cleaning lady,Lois, is here this morning doing my floors, walls, etc, she does whatever I want done.  Roy is outside getting things in order before the fall rains, snow, sleet, and whatever comes. I am so blessed  to have these home care ladies come in and do the things I can’t  do.  Tim and Scott changed the picture window for us and put in our patio doors.  They also have my ramp ready and are working on my deck. It will be so nice to have every thing done and to be able to sit back and watch the snow fly with no  worries about getting things done!

This reminds me of my life.  I think the fall has come and winter is on it’s way.  I thank God for the way he has supplied all of our needs and has cared for us down through the years. When the storms of life come my way and seem to grow stronger and stronger I want to be able to say my life is all cleaned up and everything has been tidied up and no matter what way these storms come I am prepared for them!  The Lord said He would give us strength as our days shall be.

Life passes us by so swiftly! Where oh where did those years go? when I was young  I couldn’t imagine living on this earth all these years? I do remember talking with a co-worker in the early sixties about pension and life insurance that could be cashed in about 2000.  I really thought it quite ridiculous ,we surly wouldn’t be  around that long! Here we are folks fifty years later! We are just fifty years closer to the end. I don’t know what will take place in the next fifty years but I am still looking for Jesus to come at any time!

He is coming back He said He would, He is coming back again! Praise His Holy Name, He is coming back again! He is coming back He said He would, He is coming back again! Jesus is coming back again!

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A word can make a big difference.  We can say a word three or four different ways each time spelling or pronouncing it differently.  We can take the word SO for instance.  The word So can mean because of such a thing this or that can happen.  Or because of So and So it can or will happen.  Then we find we have torn our clothing So we SEW up the rip. When we plant our garden we SOW the seed.  The Bible says we reap what we SOW. We can SOW seeds for the devil or we can SOW seeds of righteousness for the Lord.

Another word  we pronounce the same but spell differently is Need and KNEAD.  We NEED flour in order to make our bread But we KNEAD the flour into our bread.

Sometimes the same word used twice but in a different way can make a huge difference.  We can take the word LOVE, if we say  “I LOVE you” we  can make friends forever but if we say “I don’t love you we can make an enemy forever.  There are times when we may say something not intending to hurt but to help and it is taken the wrong way so both of us are hurt. The only remedy for this is to tell them we are sorry and to ask their forgiveness.  Let us watch the words that we speak and SOW seeds of kindness and only then can we SOW seeds of salvation to others , so that one day soon we will reap a great harvest of souls for the kingdom of God.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold on platters of silver!  The WORD of the Lord is pure, it is  Holy, It is mighty!  Thy Word, Oh Lord, have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee!

Let us just take Jesus at|His WORD. Thy Word ,Oh Lord, is become as fire in my bones!

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, Oh Lord!


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God is so great!  Have you ever tried to comprehend His greatness?  It just blows my mind when I even try to think about it!  It is the 17th. day of September 2010 and my husband went picking cranberries.  We are at Mill shore on Indian Lake. Once again I am unable to pick cranberries this year but it is just a beautiful day! I am so happy I am that I can enjoy it. As  to sit here in the car and watch the water in Indian Lake I can look across the Lake and see the shore of Fernmount as the sun casts a shimmering gleam across the Lake from one side to other.  It is a beautiful sight to behold!  God has set a limit for these waters and they cannot overflow these boundaries!  Even the birds seem to be enjoying themselves as I watch them fly across the waters!

It is like the little chorus we sing – Lord , you are great, You do miracles so great.  There is no one else like You!  He controls nature and tells the birds when to fly south for the winter!  He put the rainbow in the sky as a sign that He will never again destroy the whole earth by a flood and we can still see this sign, even in our generation! Lord, you are great, there is none like You!

In Luke 5:12-13 He healed the man who was full of leprosy and it says the leprosy departed! He raised the dead man in the city of Nain!  He is still doing these wondrous works today. He raised my cousin, Gregory Jordan from the dead, and healed my mother who had cancer! Again last night I heard a report of another lady  who was full of cancer and given only a shot time to live who  received her healing, the doctors couldn’t find a cancerous cell in here body!

Lord, You are great, You do miracles so great, there is none like you, for You are great!

Lord I want to thank You for all you’ve done for me!  You healed my body and saved my soul. You baptized me and made me whole and I just want to Thank You for all you’ve done for me!  Lord, You are great, You do miracles so great, there is none like You!

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  • I have often thought “Oh, how nice it would be to be young again” But on second thought I really don’t think so.  Oh yes, I had a good youth. God has been so very good to me!  Yes, we were poor and didn’t have to many material things but I had Godly parents and a great family. If you had asked me back then I may have thought at times my parents were too strict.  I remember when I was just a young teenager I couldn’t understand why Dad wouldn’t let me be with my best friend. He had heard something that I didn’t know about and so for some time I wasn’t allowed to be around her. Today I thank the Lord for parents who were so wise and cared about our souls!
  • When I look around today and  see the state that this old world is in I’m so thankful that my youth is behind me and I have such a concern for the youth of today. Things gave changed so much!  Back in my youthful days if we heard that someone wanted a drink we would quickly see that his thirst was quenched with a glass of ice water.  If they needed a drug they would have to be very ill.  We were taught that dances  and theatres were of the enemy 0f our souls and as God’s peculiar people we were not allowed to attend.  We wore modest clothing and were often called “old fashioned”. We were proud to be called “Holy Rollers”  We have seen God move in our services as young and old alike were filled with His Spirit and many healed of diseases just like the Bible said  “These signs shall follow them that believe”.
  • Oh no, we weren’t perfect. We were just children like today’s youth but we loved the Lord and wanted to please Him and when you have His Spirit within it really makes a difference!
  • We need to pray for our youth that they will serve God with everything that is within them.  Only then will others see Christ in them and desire to have what they have.
  • Things are different now, I’ve been changed don’t you see since I gave my heart to Jesus. Things are different now, I’ve been changed don’t you see since I gave my heart to him.  Things I loved before have passed away. Things I love far more have come to stay.  Things are different now,I’ve been changed don’t you see since I gave my heart to Him!

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Have you ever stopped to listen to the funny things kids say sometimes?  I have just a few things here I want to tell you about!

My Mom told me that when my uncle Ernest was a child he had gone to church and had heard the congregation sing that old hymn – Come unto me and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, hear me and be blessed. The next day he was going around the house singing – Come unto me and I will give you rest.  Take my yokey pokey, hear me and be blessed!

Mom’s youngest brother, Aubrey, was a sweet little rascal whom they all loved, he didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.  His grandmother was a good Baptist lady but he lived with his sister who was Pentecost.  One day some of them were talking and Aubrey was all ears so when someone turned and noticed him they asked “so Aubrey what are you”?  He looked them right in the eye and squared his shoulders and replied “I am BAPTISTCOST”

I heard of another kid who had heard the congregation singing “ I am determined to hold out to the end” and the next thing they knew the child was singing “I am a turnip with a hole out through the end”!

I was babysitting my Pastor’s young son one day and he wanted to play outside. It was in the spring and not too warm  so I put his little ball cap on his head.  I watched him from the window as he walked around tossing his cap in the air and catching it.  After a while he came in the house and I noticed his cap was missing. I asked, “Jason, where is your cap?”  He explained “well I threw it up in the air and God took it!  I can’t remember if God ever gave it back or not!

Another day I was babysitting Jason and his little brother Monte. They came in from playing outside  and I asked if they had fun.” Yeah, we sure did” replied Jason. “ What were you doing”? “ Fishing” said Jay. “Well did you catch anything ?”  “Yep, answered Jay pointing at Monte. He was the fish”  “Oh, said my husband, how did you catch him? What did you use for bait?”  Again Jay answered “WORMS”  Horrified I asked you fed him worms? Yep, answered Jay. “What did they taste like? my hubby asked Monte.  Umm, Yummy, Just like magettie! replied Monte.

My sister-in-law was telling me her little grandson was riding down the road with his mother on one of those very hot days when all of a sudden he looked up at her and wiping the sweat from his brow he said “Mom, Jesus is sweating today! “ No Austin”, replied his mom, “Jesus is in Heaven and it is comfortable there”! Again Austin replied, “No Mom, Jesus lives in my heart and He is sweating today”!

When our son, Tim, was little some of us were saying that somebody was mulatto.  What does that mean? he asked ‘Well, said somebody,it means they are part black and part white”. “Then which part is black” he asked. 

I was teaching my sunday school class one day when I was tell ing them a story about Jesus and there was a little guy there who I thought knew nothing about God.  So I was explaining  that God is an ever present help. So if you are in trouble just call on His Name “Jesus, Help me!” “Oh yes, said Dillon, and Jesus will come zoooming right in!”

I believe that God has a sense of humour and has given each one of us a sense of humour too! Proverbs 17:22 says “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine” Pro. 15
:13 says “A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance”.

If your happy and you know it clap your hands, if your happy and you know it clap your hands. If your  happy and you know it then your life will surely show it,  If your happy and you know it clap your hands!

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What does it mean to take things for granted? I believe it means to expect and believe, whatever it may be, is going to really happen!Too many times we take things for granted that we ought not to do.  For instance , someone may be left out because of our negligence.  We may see somebody sitting  all alone and looking so lonely and we may fail to go to them.  You don’t know how badly they are hurting but we just take for granted that someone else may do it as I am not capable enough to do it,  I’ll just let Mr and Mrs So and So help them. When all the time this great God of heaven is nudging you to go speak to them!Beside being disobedient and failing to act, someone is  hurt.

We  too,  may take our best friend for granted  thinking  ”I know they will always be there for me” but when needed most they fail to show up!  You may make plans to go for a night out with an old friend, time is set and you are ready, but they once again fail to show up! You have placed your trust in them once too often.  Most people really don’t appreciate being taken for granted.   It could be a babysitter or a more needed person, who all of a sudden refuse to help, they’ve had enough.

Then there are those things we often don’t take for granted, that we should. You are probably thinking “that person must be crazy, they are saying the opposite to what they just said”.  If you read on I’ll try to explain what I am trying to say,  We lean on people and trust these mortal beings with even our problems. They very seldom can even give us the right advice that we need. It is in these times when things seem to be so wrong that we can go to the One who is always there to make everything right for us.  We just have to call on His name JESUS and as one of my Sunday school pupils  once said “He will come zooming right in on us”. Instead of running to others we should go to Him in prayer who is willing and waiting to help. He told us to come boldly before the throne of grace to obtain mercy and to find grace to help in time of need. HEB. 4:16.   For all the promises of God in Him are yea, and in Him amen, unto the glory of God by us, 2 Cor.1:20. He wants us to come to Him in faith as a little child and when we do, we can see miracles happen that is way beyond our imagination. This is what I call taking His Word for Granted or “really believing and expecting things to happen “ because He said in Mark 16:17 “These signs SHALL follow them that believe.” He never tires of us coming to Him.

Every promise in the Book is mine, every chapter, every verse. every line. I am trusting in His Love divine, Every promise in the Book is mine!

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