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My Dad used to work in the woods. in those  days they really had to work very hard to make a living for a  family of eight. Dad quit school in grade four and went to work for neighbors splitting wood, sometimes making only twenty-five cents. When a  bit older he went to the woods. In those days they didn’t have machines such as they have today to do the heavy work for them but had to depend on horses.My dad had several horses throughout his lifetime! I have heard him complain many times about a horse that was too weak or maybe lazy to pull the load and had to be teamed up with a stronger horse who would take the brunt of the load and keep the other moving.In this way they would eventually get the job done.

A story is told about an elderly farmer who had a horse for sale. He painted a sign and nailed it to the fence. A few days later a man came by,stopped and looked at the horse. ‘Wow, what a nice horse”, he thought. I would love to have that horse! The farmer came over and said ‘that’s a nice horse but she doesn’t look good”  ‘A beautiful horse” said the young man. ‘Yes, but she doesn’t look good” said the farmer.’Well, I want to buy that horse’ said the young man. ‘Okay’, the farmer said,’but I still say she doesn’t look good’. The man took the horse and left for home.  A few days later the man arrived at the farmer’s door, when  he went to see if he could help again the man said “ Mr. that horse you sold me the other day is blind, she can’t see’!  I told you she didn’t look good, said the farmer”.

We, at one time, owned a 1993 mercury  car. I thought that old car was the greatest until it started to falter as soon as the weather  warmed up. One day we took Mom and another lady to my niece’s wedding in Boiestown.The car worked like a charm going over.  We started home and about 1/4 to 1/2 miles down the road the car started faltering. Roy would pull to the side  of the road and raise the hood until the engine cooled and away it would go again for another 5 minutes or so and start acting up again. As you can imagine, we didn’t keep this car very long,it kept Roy busy changing fuel pumps.

Sometimes we, as humans, act like the weak horse or lemon of a car.We can start at a high rate of speed for a short time, but look out as an obstacle gets in the way and we start to stumble and may even falter and fall. Usually we will try our best to get up and go again when the enemy of our soul will strike again and back down we go. Every time we fall old Satan sits back and laughs at us, thinking ‘I sure got him or her this time”. We get up on our feet once and he comes at us again and tries to push us over the brink. It is in times like this that we need to team up with one who is    stronger. Jesus is the strongest one that I know of and He is just waiting for our cry for help,  We need to pray hardest when it is hardest to pray! Don’t give up on the brink of a  miracle! Eph. 6:11 says “having done all to stand, just stand” If we are sincere God will see us through.

Lord lift me up and try me one more time. I’ll be yours, dear Lord, if you’ll be mine.  If I falter, if I sin, let me rise and try again. Lord lift me up and try me one more time!


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When my husband was working before retirement he would talk about the receiving and shipping department which is an important part of most businesses.  In fact, without it most businesses would have ceased to be, as they depend on it for parts as they repair the appliances.  Apparently this is a very slow process as sometimes it would take months for them to receive a part.  I am sure it would require a lot of patience for all concerned.  The proprietor would need his money to get more parts and also to pay his employees.  The technicians needed the part in order to repair the appliance so they could charge the consumer for the work they did.  Then and only then all would be happy!  So on goes the vicious cycle, but the business is still in progress today.

This is how it is with anything in life today.  We all like to receive things but in order to receive we must be willing to give of our time, money and even ourselves.  Sometimes it may even take a lot of patience.  Now this may not always be easy for us as humans to do, but it is a rule of thumb, if we are to receive.  Jesus said in Luke 6:38, “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom.  For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.”  In order for this to be we have to do our part; for God loveth a cheerful giver; and I would add He also loveth a gracious receiver.  God is so good and gives us so many good gifts including the gift of the Holy Spirit which is necessary if we are to receive the greatest gift of all which is the gift of eternal life.  When we see Him we shall be like Him and we shall live and reign with Him throughout the countless ages of eternity.  Oh how I want to receive all He has for me.  This is not for me only but for all who believe on His name and love His appearing.

Oh how I want to see Him, to look upon His face.  There to sing forever of His saving grace.  On streets of glory let me lift my voice, cares all passed, home at last, ever to rejoice! 

Have your received, have you received, have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?  Oh my brother get to seeking, consecrate to God’s good keeping, you will receive the Holy Ghost if you will believe!

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Have you ever gone on a long, long journey?  My longest trip was to Montreal where we stayed overnight with friends and onto Toronto and spent another night with more friends.  Onto Connecticut we went, where we stayed a week with more friends, and continued home through the USA, where we got lost in New York and ended up in the Bronx.  How we stopped at a restaurant, where the elderly owner, who was a very nice gentleman asked if we knew where we were?  When we told him no, we were lost and stopped for a snack before continuing on our journey.  He told us we were in the worst part of New York and advised us to leave immediately, making sure our car doors were locked and not to stop until we were out of town.  He also gave us directions for getting out.  He didn’t have to tell us the second time.  We just thanked the nice old man and made a beeline to the car, where we hurriedly got in, made sure both the doors and also windows were locked and hurriedly sped out of town, following his directions which was the fastest and safest way out before we stopped for a breath of relief and a cup of tea.  We then continued on through the States and onto the White Mountains and headed on home getting there at 4:00 a.m.  Home Sweet Home!  How good it was to be home safe and sound.  It was so nice to have fellowship with so many friends along the way.

Today I am on another journey.  This is a journey through life.  The roads aren’t always smooth along the way.  So far there have been a lot of long rough roads with many of these being under construction.  God didn’t promise us an easy way but He did promise us strength for each day!  He is our roadmap and there are no detours on this highway, but God is there to see us through.  Home is sounding sweeter every day.  We are nearing home.  Life is like a mountain railway with an Engineer that’s brave.  You must make the run successful from the cradle to the grave.

Watch the curves, the fills, the tunnel;

Never falter, never fail;

Keep your hand upon the throttle and your eye upon the rail.

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It was on a November day in 1944 that we moved into the old house up on the hill .  I was 4 years old at the time and it is etched upon my mind forever! We had just left a tiny 3 room house so it really seemed like a mansion to us! My Uncle Mel took my mother, brother Ernie and I to the house and when we walked in we didn’t  know just what to think,my older sister and brother were in school, I was just flabbergasted, the rooms were huge and so many of them. We all slept on mattresses on the dining room floor that night.  the rooms at this time were practically empty which made them even larger in our eyes.

Let me give you a description of the old house back then. First we entered a huge porch which was used for a summer kitchen. Then we entered the kitchen door which we called the back door directly opposite this door was the front door, now to the right of the front door with its beautiful molded pink glass was a square trap door with steps going into a mud cellar. This was where some veggies were covered in sand in bins and kept throughout the winter.  When we came through the back door there was a door to the right which was so pantry. Inside the pantry to the left was  another larger trap door that also led to the cellar. Above this trap door was a stairway going to one of the large bedrooms upstairs.The bedroom had a large walk in closet. From this bedroom there was a door going into the Attic which was another large unfinished room over the kitchen, to the right. there was a door that went to the main hallway. Off this hallway on the opposite side of the stairway was another huge bedroom with a large walkin closet. Now back down the stairway and at the bottom was another door with another beautiful antique molded pink flowered glass. To the right was another large living room, and off this was a smaller bedroom with a walkin closet. On the end of the house out of this living room was another door leading outside.

Now for the outside buildings. The back door led into our main yard. There was the woodshed and an outhouse off this. There was a door on both sides of this shed and a loft at the end. However attached to the woodshed was a long building, this was the milk house which was divided into rooms and a door in each end.  Behind the woodshed was a row of fox pens, also a pig pen. There was also a small building that used to be Frank Coburn`so office. On the other side of the driveway at the end of the house was the big old barn. It had the second floor which was used to keep hay for the horses.  The lower floor was  divided into two rooms, the first was Dad`s workshop where he shoed horses and did some Blacksmith work for other people.The second room was the horse barn.  A little further behind this barn was another huge hay barn with open ends and a hay loft on both sides.

Dad was not a carpenter but got it in his head that he was going to make some changes around the house. Well all I had better say is I wish he had left enough alone! My sister  inherited the old house as by this time there had been a few fires and most of the out buildings were now gone. But Joyce and hubby Russell has worked away at it and once again have made it into a lovely home. From the outside you would think it was always this way and perhaps from the inside too as they did a lovely job on it. But if you had only seen it on that November day in 1944, I am sure you would see a big difference!

When I think of the old homestead it somehow reminds me of Solomons Temple.  Then I cant help but think of these old bodies of ours. In the beginning God formed us in His own image but we got it somehow in these crazy heads that we would do some improvements but we sure made a mess of things!

Ain’t gonna need this house no longer

Ain’t gonna need this house no more

Don’t got time to fix the windows

Don’t got time to fix the doors

Don’t got time to oil the hinges

Or to mend the window pane

Ain’t gonna need this house no longer

I’m gettin’ ready to meet the saints.

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Don’t you hate to see the hurt look on a persons face when you have to refuse their request?  I have always dreaded saying “no” to people,although I know there are times we have to refuse people for their own good!  I will never forget the many times when my mother would want to drive her car when she just wasn’t able to until my brother had to remove a wire so it just wouldn’t start.  How frustrated she would get!

I don’t think anyone likes to ask for something while thinking they may be refused. If I ask my husband or family for something ,if possible,I know they  will get it  for me ,unless they think I really shouldn’t have it right now,and it is those times that I am not very happy! I also try to make sure they know it too! I don’t think it makes them very happy either.

I believe there are times when we go to God in prayer and ask for things we really shouldn’t ask for, perhaps don’t need right now or it really isn’t good for us and He knows what is best and says ‘no,not right now, my child, I have a better plan for you”.  what do we do? Do we thank him for answering in His way that is best or do we sulk for days and say “ God didn’t even hear me, He wouldn’t answer my prayer?  How do you think it makes God feel? I am pretty sure He wouldn’t be too happy with us. Bro. Paul said he had a thorn in the flesh and he sought the Lord three times but wasn’t healed.  God told him his grace was sufficient for him.  Paul, I don’t think sulked but kept right on preaching the Word

Let us remember when God says “no’ it is for our own good.  It doesn’t  mean we should turn our back on Him and refuse to serve Him any longer.  Just hang on and see what He has in store for us who love HIM!

How can you refuse Him now, how can you refuse Him now, how can you turn away from his side, with tears in His eyes on the cross,there He died. How can you refuse Jesus now?

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We can tell a lot about a person by their hands. How old is that man or woman? Look at the hands! How strong or weak are they? Are they feeling well today? Is he a wimp? Are they nervous? Is he a mamas boy? Is he a real worker or sort of lazy? What kind of work does he do? Finally what does he or she think of me? Lets just take a look at the first question can you see a lot of veins, is the hands smooth or wrinkled? Is the hands covered with age spots. If we watch how a person uses his hands to pick things up we can tell if he’s strong. If he doesn’t feel well his hands will often be pale, and the nails are white. Is he a wimp, his hands will be tiny and weak. If a person is nervous his hands will be fidgety and perhaps he will be wringing them. If he is afraid to use his hands he is probably a mamas boy. If he is a real worker he’ll have good strong hands and usually keep them busy by helping others. But a lazy person will seldom lift a hand. You can tell by how clean there hands are, if they do office work or if they are a mechanic or repair man, As their hands would be covered in grease, and they’ll have black grease under there nails. Whereas a carpenter or wood workers hands may not look dirty at all but maybe callused and rough and full of cracks. I can usually tell what they think of me by the way they shake your hand. Some people will barely touch your hand they are afraid of getting a disease. I really like those who have a good strong grip Who seem to say, yes I think you are an okay person, will you be my friend?

Have you ever noticed two lovers going hand in hand? Regardless of age I love to watch them as he really has a grip on her hand as if he’ll never let go, just walking hand in hand. You know folks that is how I want to walk with my lord. Oh what a joy just to walk with my hand in his nail scared hand and to feel his strong hard grip holding my hand, saying, if you will hold on to my hand I will never let you fall.

Hand in hand we walk each day, hand in hand along the way. walking thus I cannot stray, hand in hand with Jesus.

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How many times have we missed out on something just because we thought we didn’t want to?  If you are like me so many times  some of my family have asked “would you like to go here or there?”, and I without even stopping to think about it have said:”I really don’t think so”. So let’s do something, maybe go play a game of bowling or just a game of crokinole “ Oh, I don’t want to.” They may really not want to go by themselves so we all end up staying home and being bored!


My hubby and I were in Oromocto today and when ready to come home he asked “Would you like a hot fudge sundae?” I answered “no, I don’t think so” , but you get one if you want to.” Then it dawned on me that he would never  get one for himself to eat in front of me regardless of how much he wanted it.  So he said “Oh no, I don’t need it anyhow”. Then I said, “sure, go ahead and I will share it with you.” So he ordered one and he seemed to really enjoy his sundae and it made me feel good to see him enjoy it, although he said, “No, I really don’t need it.” I thought, “how many times have I spoiled something for him because  I said, “no, I don’t want to”?  How selfish can I be?  I have to want to not just for self but for others also.  How many times have we missed out on a blessing because we did not want to go to church or give of our substance to our Lord? Oh Lord know my heart and make me a blessing to somebody else. I have to have a want to.” I want, I want that kind of blessing that saves and keeps and satisfies the soul.  I want, I want that kind of blessing till billows of heaven ore me roll!’                      

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