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According to Webster’s a promise is an undertaking to do or not to do something.  Isn’t it nice to have someone promise you something when you know you can actually trust that person to keep their promise.  On the other hand I have had people make a promise only to let me down.  I have waited for days and they never did show up.  After they do this a couple of times we have no faith left in that person whatsoever.  Young person, have you ever had a date who stood you up?  “I’ll be there at 7:00 p.m.”  So, you are ready by 6:00 p.m. and you wait, and wait.  At 7:00 p.m. he still hasn’t showed.  Wait some more and begin to pace the floor.  What happened?  Maybe there was an accident!  We wait some more and pace some more and wait, look out the window and wait.  10:00 p.m. arrives and your date still hasn’t come.  Finally around 11:00 p.m. you realize what a sap you were to believe that person in the first place.  Next time you will know what to do.  I bet I know what your answer will be next time for that person, No, No, No!  If you are halfway smart at all you don’t need someone you don’t trust.  Now what about you?  Have you ever made a promise with all good intentions of keeping it and then have it not come to past?  We have never kept all our promises to somebody.  What is a “promise” – It is an intended plan between two or more people to be faithfully kept. 

Whatever promises Jesus gave us in His Word He will surely keep.  His promises are sure and we can fully trust and lean on Him.

God’s promises never fail

God’s promises never fail

Each day and each hour

He has proven His power

God’s promises never fail.

Only Trust Him, Only Trust Him

Only Trust Him now.

He will save you, He will save you

He will save you now!


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It is that time of the year when we start thinking of our garden and what we are going to plant.  My days of working in the garden are just about over.  I used to love working in my flower garden.  Time would fly past as I pulled out the weeds along with some flowers while I cared for my garden.  Then I would watch as the flowers would peek through the earth and the stems would grow stronger until they eventually would bud and then be in full blossom.  What a pretty sight to behold but all this took some tender, loving care and then they had to be watered and weeds continued to grow and had to be pulled all summer long.  My favorite flowers were roses, hollyhock, sweet pea and pansy; although I had other favorites as well.  I liked the nasturtiums and lilies – oh, just so many I really can’t name them all.  While I did enjoy my pretty flowers they sometimes would not even blossom for me as I really didn’t have a green thumb as my husband does.  All the times that we are working so hard to get a beautiful patch of flowers I am amazed when I turn and look at God’s natural flower garden.  He just speaks the word and lo and behold the fields are full of wild flowers.  About the first flower to appear is the pretty yellow dandelion.  I loved to pick these flowers as a child and make necklaces from the stems.  We would make mud pies and use the blossoms for decorations.  As we got older we used the dandelion leaves to cook and they made delicious greens.  Then comes the purple and the white violets along with the buttercups and daisies.  When my Dad was alive we younger children would walk with him on Sunday afternoon and we would go picking May flowers, lady slippers and trillions would come next.  God knows the right amount of sunshine and water they would need and he supplied it all for them.  He makes all things beautiful and also colorful.

I like to think of God’s children as another kind of God’s flower garden.  He made people very colorful too.  Red, Yellow, Black, White, Bronze, etc.  He loves us all the same.  How happy it must make Him when He looks down and sees all the different races and colors blending together throughout His world.  He says “it is good.”  But how sad He must get when He sees us abusing some of His people just because they may have a different color of skin than us.  My son-in-law pastors a church in Montreal that has over twenty (20) plus different nationalities.  Colors ranging from white to black and in between and also many different languages.  How happy God must be when He looks down and sees them all worshipping Him together, perhaps in different languages in this one place.  What a beautiful sight to behold!

My God loves color and also is a God of variety.  Rev. 5:9/10 – “And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof:  for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;  And hast made us unto our God kings and priests:  and we shall reign on the earth.”

What a beautiful flower garden God is going to have.

Jesus loves the   little children, all the children  of  the world! Red and yellow, black and white they are precious in His sight! Jesus loves the little children of the world!  We are the children of the King!

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My, it is a gorgeous day outside!  Aren’t you glad to be alive today?  Just to think we have such a wonderful Father.  A God that loves us so much because we are His creation along with heaven and earth and all that therein is.  He made day and night.  Today is just one of those days when we want to praise and worship Him for His greatness.  I love days like this but it causes me to wonder in this evil day just how many of this kind we may have left.  We can use today to our own advantage or we can lift up His Holy Name!  He even gives us a choice of how we use the time He has given us.

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy getting outside, or lying on the hammock and watching all the deer, rabbits, birds or whatever animals that might show up.  Or even just sit and watch the grass grow and the flowers that peek through the ground.  My husband has already planted peas and is getting the ground ready to plant.  He has already sawed five (5) cord of wood and split it and has it ready for winter.  He has been busy running the roads as we both have doctor’s appointments anywhere from Minto, Oromocto, Fredericton and Saint John.  There are so many more unfortunate people than us.  Many are unable to get around at all unlike you and I.  They are unable to enjoy a day like this!  So if you can enjoy this day you should give God the Glory!  We surely are blessed!

What a beautiful day for the Lord to come again.  What a beautiful day for Him to take His children Home.  Just to look upon His face and to clasp that nail scarred hand.  What a beautiful day for Our Lord to come again!

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When I say POWER what do you think of? Many things today need power to run! It  makes us think of electricity and then I think of lightening which I don’t at all enjoy but it is very powerful as well as fast!  Then I think of airplanes, trucks, cars, even appliances that are very powerful.

I often  think of a man who at one time attended our church. He was a man of small stature but he had a powerful voice.  He made me jump with fright a good many times when he sat behind me in church and with that powerful voice would shout “Oh,GLORY!  One day his neighbor took him for a ride to Fredericton. the neighbor wanted to get a new car and was going to look at them. They were looking at a vehicle when a salesman came over and began to tell them about this car. he then took them to the motor and began to explain how powerful it was when all of a sudden Fred gave a whoop “OH GLORY! THERE IS NO POWER BUT THAT OF GOD, ALL POWER IS GIVEN UNTO HIM IN HEAVEN AND IN EARTH’. He frightened the salesman but his neighbor had a great laugh!  You may ask “was he crazy?  No, but he himself had received that power that Jesus was talking about when He told His disciples “ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and ye shall be witnesses of me in Jerusalem, Judea and unto the uttermost part of the earth” and this was his way of showing it! He was glad he could say he was one of them and he wasn’t ashamed of it! Jesus said if we were ashamed of him here that he would be ashamed of us over there on that great day.  I know we always got a kick out of Fred but I want to be filled with that same spirit to overflowing,  I want to be a witness for my Lord that I might win souls for him so that I won’t have to stand before him empty handed on that day!                           There  is POWER, POWER, wonder working POWER in the Blood of the Lamb.  There is POWER, POWER wonder working POWER in the precious blood of the Lamb!    Oh, would you be free from your burden of sin?  There is POWER in the blood, POWER in the blood. Would you o’er evil the victory win?  There is wonderful POWER in the blood!

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We read in Matt.10:14 where Jesus said “suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of God” Jesus still speaks to children today I know from first hand experience!  When I was 5 yrs. old, just before I started to school. I awoke one morning and began to pray. While praying God spoke to me and told me a little girl was lost and had spent the night in the woods. I went downstairs and told my Mom that a little girl had been lost and had spent the night in the woods. She replied “who told you that?” I answered “God told me”.  When my older siblings came home from school at noon they began to relate how that Beverly Bailey (6 yrs.) had started home from school the day before and had wandered from the path leading to the railway tracks and had gotten lost. They found her asleep under a tree the next morning. I can’t help but think how awfully scary it must have been for her!

My Dad had a very bad heart condition and the Doctor had told him not to walk even the length of his driveway, but he loved to pick berries of all kinds.  I believe it was just the year before he passed away that Mom called me one day and said “Lorne and i are going out the back Coy Road where they  clear cut and pick some berries.  We won’t be long, the berries are very good out there”. I waited for 2 hours and tried to call to see how they made out and if and if all was OK but there was no answer. so I waited longer and tried to call again but it was the same thing. so I waited not so long the third time and tried again with the same results.  By this time I was getting very concerned so I hopped in my car and set out to try to find them.  I finally found the car down one of the old roads but there was no sign of Mom or Dad. I yelled their names but got no answer once again.  I then started blaring the car horn  with still no sign of them at all.  I then went back to my brothers home but he wasn’t there.  I told my sister-in-law what was going on and she got her son, Sheldon,who had a four wheeler, to go looking for them. He  hopped on his vehicle and took off down through  the woods,  He finally found them looking exhausted and so haggard sitting on an old log beside an old road.  Dad, who had guided so many through the woods before had now become confused and wouldn’t listen to Mom and had taken her in the complete opposite direction and when they finally came to this road he did not know which way to go on it. They were so relieved and thankful when they seen Sheldon. It affected them both for  over a week. It  was very scary for them both!

One night in 1965 my boyfriend (now my husband)  and I had gone out for a ride and were late getting home. As we got out of the car we heard a gunshot, not thinking too much of it as it was hunting season, he did remark something a bout someone jacking this late at night, we went on in the house.  We knew the sound was not real handy  but didn’t know where it came from.  However, the next night coming home from work we noticed cars were lining the sides of the road. Searchers were out looking for a man who had not returned home from hunting the day before.  They found his car but he was still somewhere in the woods. They found the body of Bliss Sonnet 2 or 3 days later.  He had gone hunting and failed to return home, had gotten lost  and died from exposure. He had run into trees in his effort to get out of the woods in the dark and had taken  out an eye and had really given himself a hard time as he apparently panicked.  How sad, he left behind his wife and new son!    

Have you ever dreamed of being lost and not able to find your way home?  want to tell you something that is far worse than being lost in the woods and wandering around for days until death overtakes you. It is called Spiritual death.  So many souls are lost in sin and wandering about without hope  and without God, lost in sight of the church.  Jesus tells us in Matthew to go and compel them to come in.  We may not be able to force people to come to church but we can war them of what it is to be- lost for ever and ever without hope for eternity.

Left behind forever and ever without hope for eternity.  Missing out on the joys that the others will find. Lord, don’t let me be the one left behind!   Jesus is    coming soon! Will you be ready to meet Him?

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So many people just seem to love Auctions!   My husband just so happens to be one of those people!  He just gets a thrill from the bidding it seems until sometimes it gets out of control. One time he came home with two old cash registers (2 For $5.00) and a pile of other things, paper, etc. Of course a key was needed to get into the cash register  but there was none with it. But he had some fun bidding that day anyhow!  I remember one time when I went with him. I was the one who sort of got carried away.  He got me an  old iron press that I thought I  just had to have. I used it once or twice and it still sits in my basement. I don’t iron clothes like I used to when my family was small. materials today are most all perm press anyhow! I believe it was the same day that I got pots and pans and along with these came a pressure cooker that I really wanted ( just the right size ) however  a friend happened to be there that day and came home with us for lunch and before she left had talked me into giving her the pressure cooker! I think I have gotten smarter in my old age and I refuse to go to another auction!

I have read many stories of the olden days. You too may have read these sad stories about the auctions where they would sell people as slaves from off the auction block.

I don’t believe that is right at all, to me it is a horrible thing. God is no respecter of persons. He made each one of us in His own image. He also chose the color of our skin! I don’t think we should make a slave out of anyone. They did, however in Bible days for I read the story of Onesimus in Philemon who left his master and ran away. I don’t know why he chose to do this, perhaps his master was being mean to him ,it doesn’t tell us the reason why. He somehow made his way to the Apostle Paul, who led him to Christ and then sent him back to his master a changed man! Paul asked Philemon to treat Onesimus not as a slave but as a brother in Christ!

There is a great auction on today in which we live.  Satan has claimed many souls for himself and has put them on the auction block! He is bidding for the souls of men, women, boys, and girls. He is working overtime as he knows his time is short! Once he has persuaded them to live for him and has them in his clutches he sits back and laughs. He then ruins their lives, their self-esteem is gone, their health, their finances, many go bankrupt as they become drunkards trying to solve their own problems because by this time they are so mixed up they can’t think straight. I have heard and also read many stories of prostitutions where it usually end in death for them unless they get in touch with the Lord Jesus  Christ who can set them free. Oh yes, Satan can make everything look so good and then he turns his grip on you when he has you in his vice. You start craving that cigarette, or just one more drink of alcohol or just one more crime to get that money for one more ounce of dope to try to satisfy that awful craving. It all looked so tempting at first but by this time most people are so sick and tired of sin they are just plain discouraged and think – is this all there is to life? Many end up committing suicide and become just another statistic. Oh no, it is not a pretty picture at all!

If you are in this condition, friend, and Satan is after your soul there is still hope for you in Christ!  Jesus came into this world, not to call the righteous but to save sinners like you and me! Friend can you not see how Satan has deceived so many people making them think there is no God or if there is a God that he is way out there in outer space somewhere and doesn’t love them anyhow?  Well Satan is a liar and the father of liars. He is already defeated and he knows it, that is why he is working so hard. He believes in God and trembles as he knows he is going to spend eternity in Hell and he wants all he can get to go with him. If you will ask Jesus to come into your heart to abide he will change you and make you over anew, give you hope and you can spend eternity with Him. Oh. what a hope we have in Jesus, He is so wonderful!

Wait until you see me made over anew Walking with Jesus all heaven to view. No sickness, no sorrow, no burdens to bear. Just wait until you see me with Jesus up there!


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  A Miracle is a supernatural event!  We have a great big wonderful God who has  been performing miracles since the beginning of time! He spoke the world into existence and hung each star in place.  He created all things and ‘without Him was not anything made that was made’. Saint John 1;3

All through the Old Testament we read of miracle after miracle of how God cared for His people.  An example of this is when He brought the children of Israel out of Egypt with a mighty hand, He made a highway through the Red Sea.  Some people don’t believe this but we have been told they have recently found the  chariot  wheels in the middle of the Sea! He delivered the three Hebrew boys from the fiery furnace! Delivered Daniel from the Lions Den! Helped David kill Goliath! There are just so many others they are too numerous to mention here!

Then we enter the New Testament about the greatest miracle of all.  God came to earth in the form of a babe in a manger. He went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil, for God was with Him! Acts 10;38.here too we see that He is still the God of miracles!  He healed the Lepers and made the blind to see , caused the lame to walk and the deaf to hear . He forgave sins .   Turned water into wine,opened prison doors, raised the dead!  Wasn’t He a wonderful God? 

he is still the God of miracles today.   He is still healing the sick, raising the dead, causing the lame to walk again, the deaf to hear and the bind to see,. Pouring out upon us the gift of Salvation. Opening prison doors and setting captives free!    

A lady gave me her testimony the other day she had been delivered from so many things. She came from a fairly large family and had a very, very hard life of which I cannot go into detail. she had spent eleven years in and out of hospital because of a nervous breakdown and was overly medicated.  When the Doctors tried to take her off this medication of 150 mg per day she had severe withdrawal reactions.  She did somehow have a Bible with her and had been going to church for about two months at this time., but didn’t really have a saving knowledge of the Lord!  She was in a desperate situation,  so she opened her Bible  randomly and out jumped Ps. 118:23 right at her,This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes. It was just what she needed at this time so she laid her hand on the verse and  claimed it as her own,  The Doctor had taken her off 10mg, of her pill every two weeks and the withdrawal  reactions  were severe. Now she was at home  and she was down to  her last 10 mg and didn’t know what she was going to do, In desperation she decided to claim that scripture and she did. She stopped her last l0mg of medication and  never had any sign of withdrawal. Her    bunions also disappeared as did her asthma .  God was real good to her! He made her whole and she could walk again without pain!

I heard last week of a man who had cancer who was now healed and had received a clean bill of health.  This man reminded me of another man . Bro. Bill Drost, the missionary to South America who had cancer and was at deaths door. A  few preachers gathered at his  cottage  on Harvey Lake and prayed for him and he was instantly healed, God is just the same today!

My brother-in-law was very ill with a lung disease, I well remember the day my sister came home on a Sunday afternoon and told us the Doctors had given up hope for him as they had done all they could do.I was really hurting for this family, they had 2 young boys. We went to church that night and as I was sitting there praying for Russell I looked at the front wall of the church and a scripture was being written. You can imagine my shock, PSALMS 34:5 was written on the wall. ‘Commit thy way unto the Lord, Trust also in him,  and He SHALL bring it to pass.”  I stopped  at my parents home that night on the way home and told  mom what happened,  She said the LORD had given her the same scripture.  From that night on Russell began to improve and is still Pastoring in  Doaktown some 30 years later! God is so good all the time!

You may ask “how can you say that when you and your husband both have health problems?” well, we are trusting God to take care of us and regardless of which way it goes Jesus is still in control and we win! God is so good to us and is always on time! He is still a miracle working God and we are expecting a miracle from Him!  He is so good! Thank you Jesus!

You can’t tell me He isn’t still that great big wonderful God. Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday and Today and forever! PRAISE his holy Name! We can trust Him with all that we have and he will never let us down!

You can’t make me doubt Him, You  can’t make me doubt Him

You can’t make me doubt Him in my heart!

No you can’t make me doubt Him, because I can’t live without Him!

No you  can’t make me doubt Him in my heart!























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