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Food For Thought

They tell us many times you are what you eat.  We are not suppose to be a gluten but to eat in moderation.  However, we don’t always do this and the end result is that many of us are obese.  We have an abundance of food in this country.  I wish I could say that for the other countries too but there are many people who would just love to have the food that we dispose of.  There are millions who don’t know when or what their next meal will be or where it is coming from.  Children are starving to death.  Famine is a terrible plague.  I was only five years old when World War II ended but I can still remember those ration books.  You had to have a coupon to get even a basic item.  Foods weren’t as costly as they are today.  But items such as sugar, etc., were very hard to get; especially, in the country when a supply came in.  Aunt Dart (Dorcas) would say they just went like hotcakes.  Not at all like our Super Markets today.  I do also remember Dad going to Uncle Jim’s store and coming home with what he called a treat (Black Strap Molasses).  Most people wouldn’t even think of eating it today but that is the first time I remember having a sweet treat. 


There is also an abundance of churches in this country while other countries are starving for the Word of God.  While there are several churches many do not know about our living God and Saviour who is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother at all times.  Many do not see Our Lord as their friend but as their Dictator and Judge.  They may think if they make a mistake He is ready to strike them over the head, instead he will gather you in His arms and if you tell Him you are sorry for your sin He is always ready to forgive and forget.  How wonderful He makes you feel once again!  He loves so much more than parents love their children.  He is Our Heavenly Father and He proved His love for us when He gave His life on Calvary.  We can now have eternal life and live with Him for ever and ever throughout eternity.  Talk about good healthy food!  (Rev. 19:9) – There is going to be “The Marriage Supper of the Lamb.”  Then there will be fruit trees which bare twelve manner of fruit that yield her fruit every month (Rev. 22:2).  My, oh my, I get so excited thinking about what it will be like over yonder.  I can’t imagine with this little mind what a wonderful, glorious day that will be.

What a day that will be when My Jesus I shall see.  When I look upon His face the One that saved me by His grace.  What a day, what a day that will be.  Come and dine the Master calleth come and dine.  You may feast at Jesus’ table all the time.  He who fed the multitude, turned the water into wine – to the hungry calleth now.  Come and dine.  He was nailed to the Cross for me and for you!


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If you are like me you dearly love donuts.  I like any kind but chocolate doughnuts dipped in a glazed covered with coconut are my favorite.  They always told us to never eat the donut hole!  (haha)  The reason being I surmise is that you would only get too much air and be in pain even though the outside looked so good and tasted good.  When you get to the hole it didn’t last!  There was nothing left.  Why did I say life is like a donut?  Let me tell you why.  The enemy of our soul can make the things of this life look so good.  He puts nice frosting on it and decorates it all up.  But at the center is hollow and leaves us longing for something to satisfy our heart’s desire.  He tries to make us believe we are so happy – enjoying the things of the old world and keeps us so busy that we won’t have time to go to church or seek the Lord.  We are so busy just going around and around as if on a ferris wheel.  But when your money is all spent and your friends are all gone, you have nothing left but an empty life.  Life can be so cruel.  The enemy of our soul doesn’t want us to be happy.  He would rather we become an alcoholic, drug addict or criminal and when we get on that evil road it first leads us further away from God.  Our hearts become very hollow and we feel that nobody cares.  There is One who cares when our life is a wreck.  He can make us whole once again.  If you will just call on His Name and cry “Jesus” help me, I can’t help myself!  He will come zooming in!  I don’t know what I would do without the Lord! 

Life without Jesus is like a doughnut, is like a doughnut, is like a doughnut!

Life without Jesus is like a doughnut.  There ‘s a hole in the center of my heart!

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Have you ever gone up to a sweet little puppy and  started to pet it only to have it growl an snap at you?  So you jump back startled saying “will he bite?”  My uncle Aubrey raises Boxers. They are so big and sound so fierce when they bark but actually they are very gentle  and love to be petted!  Looks can be deceiving!

One day my husband, daughter and I went into  clothing store in Fredericton. I think we all got the surprise of our lives!  There were only a few in the store and it was easy to look around at everything and everyone.  I walked over to where my husband ad daughter were standing laughing about something.  When I approached them my husband said “Do you see that?” Glancing to thr side I said “so what, do you know  them?”  He said “take another look!”  I thought it was two women but upon the second glance I didn’t know what to think!  There was a woman looking at some clothes and a something on the other side, (not a young person either).  It had on a woman’s very pretty pink coat and hat, a skirt ( I forget the color) hose, high heeled shoes, ankle bracelets, earrings, makeup and a long white beard!  Talk about something grossing you out!  I said “what is that?”My daughter spoke up and said “ I don’t know, I have never even seen anything like that in Montreal!”  I still don’t know if it was male or female!  Looks can be deceiving!

There used to be a man in our area who liked to dress in womens’ clothing  If you went to his home he would come to greet you at the door in a skirt or ladies undies or hose!  He may have thought they were more comfortable than  his own clothes or that he looked better in them or something, I really don’t know his reason but from a distance you may have thought. who is that lady? until you heard his manly voice”! Looks can be deceiving! Then there women who like to dress like men.  Perhaps at a distance we would say “I wonder who that guy is?  until they get close and we realize that it is a lady!  Looks can  be deceiving!  There are people who look like Christians – they know how to dress like a christian, act like a christian  and from afar we may say “ Now that is a christian if ever I saw one”  but they may be one of the most carnal person around, always causing trouble for everything and everyone! Matthew 7:16 says “ye shall know them  by their fruits.” and also in Matthew 7:20.  Matthew 7:15 says “beware of false prophets which come to you in sheeps clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves.  1 John 4:1 Beloved believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they be of God: because many false priphets are gone out into the world. It does pay to try the spirits.  If someone tells you something that can’t be backed up by God’s Word, then don’t regard it as truth.  We have to be very careful of these wolves in sheeps clothing as LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVIVG!

Jeremiah 17:9  The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked – who can know it?

Search me oh Lord, and know my heart today. Try me Oh Saviour and know my thoughts  I pray. See if there be some wicked way in me. Cleanse me from every sin and set me free!

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My Testimony

I just want to tell how good God has been to me all down through my life.  I was the 3rd child of a family of six.  My parents both came to the Lord before they were married.  I do thank God for Christian parents that prayer for me.  They taught me my first verse to memory before I started school, about 4 years old.  John 3:14 – As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of Man be lifted up.Then Isaiah 45:7, “I form the light, and create darkness, I make peace and create evil.  I the Lord do all these things”.


I remember an incidence in Grade 4 that I can now laugh about.  Norma Randall was my teacher.  She was always so nice to everyone.  Anyhow as we were studying how the world was made from a bang and we came from monkeys.  So we had a test and I knew what was taught me by the teacher and notebook but I also knew what the Bible said.  So when she asked , “How was the world created”?, I wrote, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”  Well, that wasn’t the answer I was suppose to give but she knew better too so she laughed about it and gave me a good mark.  I wasn’t a very smart kid but my teacher put me in Grade 2 (from Easter to June) age five years.  I was always the youngest pupil in the classroom.  I think I was fairly hard to handle and I had a mind of my own.  I was quiet and very very shy, painfully shy, in fact, to the point that I didn’t have many friends when I started Grade 7 in Minto Memorial High.  When I finished and graduated from High School I had just turned seventeen in May and graduated in June of 1957.  Mom wasn’t well so I stayed home until the following March.  I then went to Sussex and back Fredericton.  I worked until December 1966.  Roy and I had gotten married in May of ‘66.  I was working for the City of Fredericton in the Children’s Aid Society.  When Cindy came along I quit working and became a stay at home Mom.  Roy was making $55.00 a week at James S. Neills & Sons.  We attended Ripples U.P.C.  It seems to me I was always making mistakes down through life – my mouth was always too big and I had a temper – hard to control.  Roy did well to put up with me.  Anyhow we got along not too badly – Roy was a patient man and very very good to me.  If I started to get steamed up he would walk out to the woodpile and not even answer me – which would make me see red!  We had two more boys and had 3 children under 4 years of age.  I loved my kids very much but wanted them to be the best kids around so yes, I guess I was really too hard on them.  If I had it to do over again it would be a whole lot different.  But I guess I should have known back then that we just get one shot at life.  So I have many regrets.  But God has really blessed us down through the years and I do believe my children have been the best and have never given us many problems.  Thank you Jesus! 


I was baptized at eight years of age and received the gift of the Holy Ghost at age twelve.  I have been far from perfect but God is faithful since every day I need to ask for His forgiveness.  God healed me many,many times and met my needs many times.  Todd Young still laughs about  one time when we had hens (which I was terrified of) and I was getting ready to go to Fredericton for an appointment but it was Scott’s birthday so I was making Scott’s birthday cake before I left.  But I needed an egg.  It was mid morning and I prayed, “O Lord, please let the hens lay an egg for me.”  Because they hadn’t been doing very well right then.  Then out to the hen house I went and way back in the fence I found an egg but I wasn’t about to go in and get it.  So what was I to do?  I looked around and saw a long stick and managed to pull the egg forward and out so I could get it.  And then I proceeded to make my cake and cook it before I left.  God is good all the time.  Last night at our cell group my heart suddenly went beserk.  It felt like a bowling game going on in my chest.  Brother Decker and the others prayed for me and it settled down again.  Thank you Lord.  He still goes about doing good. He brought Roy through surgery and he needed no treatment.  Thank you again Jesus!  I could go on and on with stories like this.  He is just so good.!  God is so good.  God is so good.  God is so good, He is so good to me!

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There are so many things which we have access to.  The just too numerable too mention them all so I will just speak of a few.  My, how time have changed.  When I was a child there were so many things we did not have access too and it was even worse in my parents’ day.  My Dad use to tell stories about having no roads only what he called cow trails or paths with grass growing in the middle of them and huge rocks.  If anyone owned a car in those days it was very rough on them.  They would have to get out of the car and hand pick stones from off the road.  I heard him speak of funerals where they had to use the horse and sled to take the remains to the cemetery.  My Grandmother would sometimes walk to Fredericton on Monday and walk back home on Saturday after working all week at cleaning other peoples’ homes.  In winter she would sometimes skate (long reachers) going down to the Cove and from the Cove to the Lake and the Thorough Fare bridges to the Saint John River and onto to Fredericton.  My Grandfather worked in the woods and for awhile owned a horse and pung and also a gig (with wheels).  When Gram was at home she would make quilts from old clothes, coats, etc and also she make pickles, preserves, etc. for the less fortunate.  And we were most often in this group – the less fortunate.  They didn’t have the source livelihood we have today.  I remember Gram getting her Old Age Pension cheque and how excited she was. A whole eight dollars a month.  Then there was no access to communication, no telephones around in those days.  At least not in the country and rural areas.  When we were children things were a bit better.  There was a telephone at Arthur Bailey and one at the Station and one at Sam Campbell.  Boy, were we ever getting up in the world.  They also began to re-build roads (or paths) and the railway had already gone through in 1912.  If some of our great grandparents could come back today they wouldn’t know where they were.  Can you imagine the fright if they saw a car coming toward them at 120 kliks?  We complain today if there are no ramps into buildings.  But we are really blessed with roads on which we travel.  We have not only telephones but fax machines and all kinds of electronic gadgets, etc. and GPS so we won’t get lost.

  • We have many churches today that we have access too.  In the old testament, after the flood, people only had access to God through the priest.  They didn’t go near the Mercy Seat or Holier of Holiest.  If they entered they were stuck dead.  Aaron was allowed to enter once a year.  He offered the sacrifice so their sins would be rolled ahead for another year.  This was done year after year until Christ gave His life on Calvary.  He became the Supreme sacrifice and now we can have access into the very throne room of heaven and have our sins washed away by His precious blood.  If we put away our pride and repent of our sins, be baptized in Jesus name and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in heavenly language as the Spirit of God gives the utterance.  And if we will live a godly life we will then have access to heaven and all that therein is.  Jesus told us to come boldly before the throne of Grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.  The Bible makes access to heaven so easy, Jesus said even a fool or way-faring man could understand and enter in.  Isn’t He wonderful, wonderful.  Isn’t My Jesus My Lord Wonderful.  Eyes have not seen nor ears heard what’s recorded in God’s Word – Isn’t Jesus My Lord wonderful!


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I suppose most all the seniors would remember the old Jitney!  We lived up on the hill not too far from the train station and could see the lights of the jitney as it passed through Fernmount.  Night after night we would be waiting and watching for the lights of the train and when they came in full view we would take off running down the hill and about this time we would hear the sound of the  whistle  Past the Smith and Sparks homes and be at the train station when the jitney came rattling in.  Some people would get off while others may get on but to us it was so exciting!  There was one man who went to Fredericton  about every day.  If anyone needed anything they would ask Nehemiah Hudlin to get it for them and he never refused anyone.  He would usually charge them $.25 for picking it up.  The train was about the only mode of transportation in those days and not too many could afford $2.50 to to on the train.  However, when we went to Fredericton or Minto we liked to be a bit early at the station so we wouldn’t miss our ride.  One of us would usually stand outside waiting and watching until we would hear the train coming and the whistle blowing we would then hasten the others out side as the train pulled to a stop.  I can still hear the conductor  Art Barton, in his booming voice, as he shouted “All Aboard”. Once we were on the way he would come through the cars saying “Tickets, Tickets,Tickets” punch each one and give it back to us as we needed it for returning home.

I had an aunt who lived in Montreal and travelled by train when she came to visit, which was usually on her summer vacation.  All the children in the neighborhood were so excited when she came as she always had a small gift for each one.  You can just imagine how many of us children were waiting and watching for her to come home!When we saw a car drive in with Aunty Effie we would wait just until we thought she had settled in and a crowd of us would just visit {of course) Gram.  How excited we would be as Auntie Effie gave each one of us a small gift  costing only a few cents, such as  a book, whistle capgun,or bubbles, but to my knowledge she never once forgot one of her nieces, nephews or cousins.  What a remarkable woman!  I do remember a time or two we would visit gram only to hear her say “ I’m sorry kids,  but you will have to come back later as Effie is sick with a migraine headache”, but in a couple Effie would be waiting for us again.  In the meantime,we were a bunch of disappointed kids. Everybody loved Aunt Effie and while she was at home she would usually keep us kids busy with an outing, a barbecue , swimming, berry picking, hiking, or picnic.  She loved us kids although she never married or had any of her own. 

  • I have a very dear friend who is going to come for me one day very soon now. When I think of His coming I get very excited!  He won’t be coming by train so I won’t be listening for a whistle to  blow but for the great trumpet to sound. Then we will be caught up to meet him in the clouds of the sky and so shall we ever be with our Lord.  Rev.22 12 says “ And. behold, I COME QUICKLY; and my reward  is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. I am going to be listening more than for the sound of the trumpet as I honestly don’t want to miss the rapture of the church.  I don’t want to be lost for all eternity without Christ!  I don’t want t0 go to hell with all the murders and old satan himself to be cast into the outer darkness where there will be weeping,wailing and gnashing of teeth.  It is going to be a terrible place folks!  oh,how I want to be ready to meet Him! When the trumpet sounds ! When the trumpet sounds !  I’m going to reign with him eternally! Won’t that be heavenly! In great reality! When I receive God’s immortality !  When the trumpet sounds!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


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When I was just a child how I dearly loved to swing! The swing was in the big old barn with a hayloft on each side.  Oh,  the thrill of swinging as high as we could and leaping off into the hayloft! I think it all ended when someone found out what we were doing,  After awhile the old barn became an eyesore so they tore it down and we moved swing and all to the next barn on the hill! The hayloft in this barn was overhead and we were not supposed to be playing in the hay as the horses had to eat it.  After awhile we moved the swing into the huge old woodshed,no hayloft there at all but the shed was so large with a milk house on one end and an outhouse on the side, Inside the shed was a loft itself used for storage. It was in this large shed I could swing to my hearts content!  I especially loved to swing on rainy days! The harder it would rain the more I would swing – I didn’t even like it when the call came for mealtime. I just didn’t want to give up my swing!

I also loved to ride my bike!  One day I really got myself into trouble!  My friend and I were both home from school as the weather was fowl-rain and windy so our parents let us stay at home as we had to walk to school in those days. I begged my mom to let me visit my friend later in the afternoon.  She hesitantly agreed so before  she could change her mind off down the hill I sped on my bike.  There wasn’t much to do that day, we were just plain bored- so we decided to go for a bike up to the corner to number 10 highway.  We then proceeded up the road, past our schoolhouse, and who should be standing in the window but  Edithe Morecroft, our  dear teacher!  I’m telling you, I was in double trouble when I went home soaking wet! We thought we were having fun but we didn’t ever do that again as it wasn’t worth the punishment!  It was very different in those days – we could actually be punished if we didn’t do as we were told! Furthermore, you know what?  It really did us a world of good!  The Bible says that when we were children we did childish things, but when we grew up we put away childish things! (that is in my own terminology.) We now have to act like grownups (most of the time anyhow!)  I still like  to play my games and I really don’t plan on quitting them!  However there are some things I had to quit doing or I’d be lost for all eternity!  Things such as lying, cheating,just plain sinning.  But know what?  I didn’t have to give them up on my own I had all the help I needed!  I repented of my sin and gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and He took the desire for the things of the world away.  I remember walking down the road one night with two (supposedly} friends who begged me to try to smoke a cigarette. There was no way I wanted that dirty thing!  I am so glad the Lord kept his hand on me down through life!  I had lots of opportunities to Quit living for the Lord but where else could I go?  I realized that I needed Him so  badly in my everyday walk.  I wasn’t perfect in any sense of the word and I made many mistakes down through the years,  When I fail and stumble and fall I have to get up, repent and keep on going, pressing toward the goal- the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus!  Just keep our eyes off others and stayed on Jesus!

Oh yes,there have also been many things thrown in the way to hinder us by the enemy of our soul, but we have to cast them aside and keep on climbing, with or eyes turned upward and our hand stretched out to Him.  He will stoop way down and lift us up and set our feet on the straight and narrow way and we will be stronger than ever!  It is impossible for us to try to lift ourselves, we just don’t have the strength, it takes the blood of Jesus to cleanse and make us clean and whole!  Peter was walking on the water and when he realized what he was doing he started to doubt in his mind.  Starting to sink he called on the name of Jesus who instantly put out his hand and took  him to safety!  He will do the same for us today if we call on his   precious name, JESUS help me! It is better to stay in the ark with the smell of the animals than to sink in the sea of sin!

In the name of Jesus, In the name of Jesus, We have the victory!  Let us not quit or give up on the brink of a miracle!  Let us hold to God’s unchanging hand, because just over the next hill we will be home,  We are too close to Heaven to turn back now! 

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