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Have your been feeling lonely and longing for a friend to talk with? Perhaps just to have someone to tell your problems to and get them off your chest. Or perhaps you are overjoyed, maybe you even won the lottery and want to tell someone, to even give a gift of money , but then you are all alone. Or maybe you are grieving and have not a soul to share your sorrows. Are you in need and need some help? Are you down and out and frustrated, you just don’t know what to do? Do you make friends easily, or are you like I used to be, afraid to speak to anyone? I was afraid of saying something wrong. I just heard on the radio about a financial planner who was so easy to talk to and will help you with your future planning. Well I can do better than that, I can tell you of one who wants to be a real friend and that he has already taken care of your future! His name is Jesus and I can tell you from my personal expierience that he is the friend of all friends! How do you get acquanted with him? Just call on his name, tell him you are sorry for all the wrong things you may have done, and you want to repent, he wont ask any questions as he already knows. We were all born in sin and shaped in iniquity. If you ask him to come into your life and cleanse you from sin that is exactly what he wants to do anyhow. Oh how wonderful and clean you will feel! That is what prayer is, just talking to the Lord. He is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. He promised to never leave or forsake us. I can’t say that about any one else. He is so good and kind you will feel as if you have always known him! You will never have to feel so lonely again. If you truly repent and be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of your sin, he will then fill you with his holy spirit. If you will live for him, he will take you home when he comes for his people, to live and reign with him throught the countless ages of eternity!

Would you live for Jesus and be always pure and good? Would you walk with him within the narrow road? Would you have him bear your burdens, carry all your load? Just let him have his way with thee!

Oh,where would I be without Jesus? Where would I spend eternity? I’d be lost in a world full of sorrow. Without Jesus, where would I be?


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If Trees Could Talk

If only trees could talk, they would certainly have some stories to tell. Trees are used for some many things, such as crafts, fuel, paper, houses, etc. My dad was a woodsman. He loved to work in the woods, leaving early in the morning and returning late at night along with his horse and bobsleds. He not only cut his own winter fuel wood but also worked for Ashley Colter Company and others cutting pulp and cord wood.

Then there are the fruit trees. What would we do without our fruit? So many have made their fortune off trees while others have barley scraped by as they tried to make a living for their families. My husband, since retiring, has taken up wood working of a sort. He likes to work with pine boards. He and my son built a mill and chopped down trees and sawed and plained them. My son Tim built himself a cottage, while my other son Scott repaired his house. Roy likes to saw out little animals. My dad liked to plant trees. He and Ray Briggs planted the pines at what is called the Scott Place. I remember well what pride he took in them.

Today if only trees could talk to tell their stories! Perhaps I could tell you in the language of a tree or two or three. I wonder what the fruit tree in the Garden of Eden thought of when Eve partook in its fruit. She probably said within herself- “Eve do not listen to that serpent, he is just an enemy”. When she did eat of the tree it was probably so sad “now look what you did- you just ruined God’s plan for the world, if only I hadn’t born that fruit”.

Then I think of Abraham, how he cut the trees and placed the wood on Isaac’s back. I wonder if the trees were sad. “Why, oh why would they use us to offer a human sacrifice?” When God spoke from on high I bet they rejoiced.

When Solomon built the temple he used precious wood without a hammer or nail. Oh how they rejoiced!

Then one sad day they heard someone talking about a crucifixion. They probably wondered amongst  themselves -“which of us will be the one that will hold this man?”. When the realized what was actually going on,that Christ was dying for the ungodly they were once again rejoicing. Christ, who was before the world was formed, had in His mind had everything made beautiful, but when sin came into the world even the trees were changed and the earth brought forth thorns, thistles and briers. I do not know what kind of tree held Jesus when He was crucified, but to me if must have been beautiful because it was created by God knowing that one day that Satan would put into the heart of cruel men to take the beautiful tree God created and make a cross to hang the man, Christ Jesus, on. Not knowing it was the same God that they were trying to do away with that made the tree. Satan sat back and laughed and said- “now see what this Jesus can do” not knowing that Jesus was taking the sins of the whole world on His shoulders being the sacrificial lamb and dying for the world. Thank God that in three days He showed Satan that he no longer had control over the keys of death, hell and the grave.  When He arose and conquered all and given to every man, woman and child a great hope for eternal life. 

“ The old rugged cross made the difference, in a life bound with heartache and defeat. I will praise Him forever and ever for the cross made the difference for me”

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There were times when I have thought Oh,just to be wealthy! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not have to worry about bills!  What I could do with a few million dollars  We could have a great vacation, but who would go with me?  I’m sure my husband wouldn’t as he doesn’t like to travel.  Perhaps I could get another lady friend or two to go with me but I’m not sure they would want to leave their husbands behind any more than I would want to leave mine!No, I guess that wouldn’t work either.  Oh, I know what I would do, I could build a mansion of a house!  Oh my dear, my family are all on their own now and what would Roy and I do with such a huge house?  We could have so much fun partying and going just here and there, visiting friends, eating  out, going to the parks and flea markets, etc. Just doing things we never dreamed of doing before.  But – I’m not interested in those things anymore, simply because I can’t walk and my health isn’t what it ought to  be. Money won’t buy good health  so I couldn’t enjoy travelling around here.I couldn’t visit Disney World, or Salt lake  City or Mexico. When a person can’t walk there isn’t much one can do.

I do enjoy my home as it isn’t just a house!  It may not  be fancy, and I may not have a lot of extra money floating around to worry about –but- I am blessed!  At one time we had friends who were  very wealthy.  They had so much money they were afraid to leave their beautiful home to go to their car,  To get to their car they had a tunnel through which they would run, scared to death of being shot or something! Afraid of going to the store or Bank in case they might be robbed!  All four of them were always a nervous wreck and the father ended up disappearing and hasn’t been heard from in years as far as I know!  Now what kind of a life would that be?

Would I still like to be wealthy? No Thanks!  Life is too short to live in fear every day. I am happy I don’t have to worry about money, we are not in debt and have more than we need.  We are truly blessed!  1 Timothy 6:10 tells us “ The love of money is the root of all evil: which while some covet after, they have erred from the  faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows, but thou O man of God flee these things.

I would rather have Jesus than silver and gold, I’d rather have Jesus than riches untold.  I’d rather have Jesus than houses and land. I’d rather be led by  His nail pierced hand. than to be a king of vast domain than to be held by sins dread sway, rather have Jesus than anything this world could afford today.

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A gift is a thing or a present given. We all like to receive gifts, I also enjoy giving gifts. It doesn’t need to be an expensive gift, just some little thing to brighten someone’s day. If you give a gift-do it cheerfully. It’s such a nice feeling to surprise others with a gift. Whether it be Christmas, birthday or just thinking of you gift. I love the expression on their face as they open it. I also like to receive gifts, as I expect most people do. I have never heard a person beg or even ask for gift, and I’d never dream of doing it myself. Salvation is a free gift, Jesus gives to those who will accept him as their saviour. He paid for our salvation, when he went to Calvary. If we are born again, we become one of His children, and he gives us an extra special gift. He says if earthly fathers knows how to give good gifts to their children, how much more will the Heavenly Father give to them that love Him? You may ask "then what is the gift He gives to His children? It is the most precious as it is the earnest of our inheritance, "The gift of the Holy Spirit". He told his disciples just before he ascended on high, to go to the upper room and wait for the holy ghost to be poured out upon them. I don’t believe they had to beg for it, as it was a gift. They just obeyed him, and while waiting, they praised and thanked Him for the promise of the Holy Spirit. He is still giving this gift today. How do I know? I’ve already received it, no, I didn’t have to beg for it. How did I know when I did receive it? I began speaking in another tongue or language as God’s spirit gave the utterance just as He did on the day of Pentecost. It is such a great and wonderful feeling. Now when we give gifts, when we give our friends something they may not like, or even need. Jesus never does that. I have never heard anyone say that they did not enjoy the gift of the Holy Spirit, and I’m sure that we need it to go in the rapture of the church. So friends, you need this gift, please do not reject Him, and this wonderful gift, that is our ticket to Heaven. The gift is His spirit coming to abide in us.

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Have you ever seen a person whom you thought so sour that if they smiled their face might crack?Then there are those who seem to always have a smile on their face. Their face just seems to glow! I have known both kinds of people and you probably do to.

I have a friend who giggles a lot and is so pleasant to be around. When someone comes in with a little giggle, and “Hi, it’s me!”. I say “Diane has come to visit” She never seems to complain but is always cheerful, although I know she must have troubles like everyone else.

I also have another friend who constantly laughs. If she falls and gets hurt she will laugh instead of cry.  She too is such a pleasant person who never criticizes or speaks ill of anyone.  She seldom visits but Ardythe and I have a good time yakking on the phone.

I enjoy being around these people. I do enjoy people and I love to smile when I meet another person even in the mall, doctors office, etc. To some lonely person a smile can make their day, perhaps even a kind word or an action to go along with it.

I read a story recently of a young woman who went to a restaurant with her husband. Two smelly homeless men came in behind her, one was mentally challenged, and the other had just a few coins in his hand. In order for them to come in out of the cold, they had to buy something and he had only enough for one cup of coffee, which he bought for the man who was mentally challenged.  The lady then smiled at the first man who smiled back at her with a twinkle in his eye, she then stepped up and ordered two breakfast trays and set them on their table. The men were very thankful, as it was their first meal in a long while. She felt so good doing this for strangers who needed it, their smiles was all the thanks she needed.

The Bible says laughter doeth good like a medicine. If laughter doeth good, I’m sure a little kindness to go along with it could do miracles. Why not let others know that your cup runneth over with joy?

When your cup runneth over with joy, when your cup runneth over with joy, you’ll find it easy to pray, sing and shout all the day, when your cup runneth over with joy.

When your cup is all empty and dry, and you feel you could sit down and cry.  It’s the Lord you would please then get down on your knees, ‘til your cup runneth over with joy” .

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They say “home is where the heart is”It may sound strange but I have lived in several different places that have always felt like home.  I remember my first real paying job was in Sussex where I boarded through the week but when the weekend come around I was going  home to my Uncle Aubrey and Aunt Viola’s house on Snyder Mountain and it also seemed  like my home.  Then occasionally we would come back to Ripples to my real home where my parents lived.  I too, had lived here most of my l7 years. Later I worked in Fredericton where I roomed at Robert and Francis Reeds. They were a lovely couple who had four boys and I felt right at home here too. Often after a day at the office it was so nice to get back home! Still when the weekend came It found me running back to my Mom and Dad’s home!  My mother wasn’t very well so I moved back home so I could give her a hand and travelled to work for a while.  Then when I married we moved into a little house that we rented and called it home.  After a few months we moved to another small house we called home.  Here we had three children and a small house so my husband built the house we are now living in.  This is truly our home!  I’ve come to the conclusion that home really is where the heart is.  It is the people we love that make the house the home!  When our children left home it was a lonesome place but I have memories of the children  and I still have my husband so it is still home. I have wondered if something happened to my husband, what would I do, but I will always feel this is my home  and I am so blessed! You may ask why? To that I have to answer because of all my good memories.  I have a good husband and wonderful family.  Roy  put a lot of work into building our home (along with my help,of course)lol.  When he was putting the walls up  on the second floor he came for me to help him.  He needed someone to steady them as he pushed them out and up.  He told me to push when he said ‘push’.  Now can you imagine in your mind what that would have been like?  I never did like heights. So, up the ladder I went and he had the side all ready to stand up, I grabbed one end of it and he the other.  Well, when he said “push” I did start to push but thought it was going to fall on the ground so I started pulling back for dear life. He finally got it up but I wasn’t much help to him. So memories are important to me as they help to make a house a home too.  I hope I will be able to stay in my own home the rest of my life here on planet earth.

     I also have another home and I am looking forward to it. No, I have never seen it but I am sure it is more splendid than Roy and I could build!  Jesus left me a letter (His Word) when He went on high  and He said in the l4th chapter of Saint John’s gospel “In my father’s house are many mansions- I go to prepare a place for you and when I come again I will receive you unto myself that where I am there ye may be also!  I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like, I have never been in a mansion but soon, oh so very soon, He is coming to take me to my mansion or home he has prepared for me.  I won’t have to help put the walls up as He already has my home prepared for me. I really don’t want to miss the trip to my new home.  Why do I call it my home?  Because my best friend will be there too! Jesus is the one I love.  He has  always loved me and even gave his life for me on Calvary!  Thank you, Jesus , for your shed blood that makes me whiter than snow.

     My home’s in Heaven, just waiting for me and when I get there how happy I’ll be.  My home’s in Heaven , salvation’s free, for Jesus paid it on Calvary’s tree!

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2010 A Brand New Year!

           Hap-Hap-Happy New Year!

           I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New year!

I also want to take this opportunity to say a very special big Thank You to my cousin June Carole Bug and her hubby Horse (Garnet) for the lovely Christmas gift of a Compaq Computer.  What a sweet couple!  They are so generous, always helping others! For instance, my granddaughter went to been College in Moncton and June made sure she was happy there, taking her for meals, shopping,etc. along with all the gifts she gave her. She also sent me  various things, such as fridge magnets, books, etc. which always brightens up my day, but the computer was the ultimate! What a pleasant surprise!  Now it is so much easier to sit in my lazyboy chair and write my stories, (with my feet up, Dr’s. orders).  Thank you June and Garnet. We  love you!

           My, we never dreamed, not even in our wildest imaginations that  we would ever see the year 2010,but now it has dawned upon us!  Every year we make our resolutions hoping to be able to live up to them but how many of us fail?  In the year that just passed we were really blessed!  few things took place we did not hope for but all in all we had a pretty good year. We are still alive!  So many have gone on this past year.  We lost our dear neighbor Roxanna DeWolfe, and friend Carlotta Flowers also Mrs. Eldon Hunter. Our condolences go out to these families. I think too of our soldiers and little Corey Hayes who so willingly laid his life down for his country.  He was a great kid! I had hum in my Sunday school class. He was always so polite and friendly and a right handsome young man.  He came from a great family. Our Sympathy goes out to these families also.

           It is hard to believe that our Pastor and his wife,Bro.& Sis. Landon
Decker have been here for two years.  They are great folks and have been a great blessing to our church,  as  well as the community of Ripples.  We have been having great services and God’s presence has been so very real in each one.  If you are searching for something to satisfy your soul, I would like to invite each and everyone to join us for a service. I do believe you will enjoy yourself in the House of God!  Service is Sunday @ 10:30 am.and Sunday night @ 7pm. Also Wed.night service @ 7:30pm. Won’t you please join us for a service soon?  Once again, Wishing you a Happy New Year and may God Bless each one!


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