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When I was a child we always had animals, mostly horses, pigs,dogs, cats at one time foxes and even an owl, also canaries. but never cows or hens as Dad never cared for them.He loved horses, especially Old Jim! Now I liked horses too but Old Jim was nasty and I was afraid to go near him most of the time. I think my favorite animals were the pigs. I liked to feed them and they always seemed to be so hungry they loved everything! I liked to watch them as they slurped their slop. They also loved to go outside and wallow in the mire. It seemed the dirtier they got the more they enjoyed themselves. They always remind me of the Prodigal son!We never had sheep but to this day I would like to have a sheep or a little lamb. I think they are so nice. I loved baby bunnies and we had our share of them. Some animals are more fussy about what they eat while others, like the pig, will eat anything! The pigs were well fed but come fall they would die, but not from hunger, it was because we were hungry and they made good food.I think everyone has heard of the millions that starved to death in Ethiopia because of famine. It must be terrible to be so hungry and have no food. We have certainly been blessed in this country of Canada. What more could we ask for?I’m sometimes afraid we get so blessed we forget the one who does the providing for us while we are wallowing in the mire of this old world and the pleasures of this life! We become hard hearted and leave Christ out of our lives, thinking we can make it on our own. I think of the young boy in the Bible who gave his little lunch to Jesus , who fed a multitude of people. I know I am talking about a physical miracle, but I like to compare it to being spiritually hungry. There are those who know nothing about the Lord Jesus and what he can do for them. Then there are those who do know Him but become discouraged and may stumble and Jesus is telling his children to feed his sheep. Jesus asked Peter is he loved him, when Peter said “you know Lord I love you” Jesus said “feed my sheep” Jesus compared his children to sheep. Let us not be as the children who after their great deliverance from Egypt started complaining and crying for garlic and onions after just eating Manna from God’s own hand, Let us live for Jesus. Let us be willing to be that peculiar people and live separate from the world, wholly for him so we may be able to feed His sheep! I’m sure if we really fall in love with Jesus we will be willing to do anything he asks of us. We may say that is the pastor’s job but Jesus was telling a poor fisherman to feed his sheep! We too, should be a fisher of men and feed his sheep or children who are hungry for more of God!


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I think God has a sense of humor, not just because he made the monkey, but because he has given each one of us a measure of humor too. Sometimes perhaps he gives more to one than the other, could it be that otherwise they would be tooo sour? How we do get a kick out of tricking other people! Sometimes we don’t think it quite as funny when others play a trick on us. My dad was always one for playing tricks on others. He was in hospital waiting for an ECG. When the nurse came in and started to place the wires on his chest he began to hollar – “no,no, you can’t do this to me – you are going to electrocute me!” After she tried to explain again to him what she was doing with him still screaming at her “no, you don’t, I know you are going to kill me” she then ran for the doctors and more nurses, she thought he had totally lost it! By the time they all got to his room he was sitting laughing his crazy head off at their expense! My brother also is a trickster, almost as bsd if not worse, than his dad. One day he had gotten an old spring (a large one) from a tractor or something and decided to play a joke on someone! So down through the woods,on his own ground, he goes and hangs the spring up in a tree. Now he went quite a pace from the road. He then went home and made a sign that said – ‘SPRING’and put it on a tree near the road. Then went home and sat in his sunporch and watched. Wasn’t too long before a woman came along, saw the sign and stopped, got out her water jugs and made that trip down through those woods only to find no water there. Not long thereafter, on a very hot day, he watched as a Gov’t truck came along and out jumped two men, who emptied their already warm jugs of water on the ground and made their way down through the woods. I can only imagine how they would feel about that time, if only they knew who did a trick like that, they would probably like to knock him senseless! I read a story about an old grandfather who decided it was his turn to play a halloween trick on the tricksters, who every year came and would go to the rear of the outhouse and turn it upside down! This night granddad went out a bit earlier and moved the outhouse a few feet toward the house. The trick was a howling success! Although we can play tricks on one another and laugh about it we can never play tricks on the One who knows all things and also our hearts. I suppose Simon the sorceror could have been a trickster too. He offered money to Peter as he wanted the power of God so he could lay hands on people and they would receive the Holy Spirit. It backfired on him when Peter said “thy money perish with you because you thought you could buy this power” Simon wasn’t long repenting and asking Peter to pray for him!’ There are those today who still try to trick God by trying to pretend they are something they are not. We may be able to fool people but we cannot fool God! We can only see the outside but the Lord looks on the heart. Matthew 7:20 By their fruits ye shall know them. The enemy of our soul tries to trick us- may try to show us an easier way to enter heaven even and some people may even fall for it. He can make things look so enticing1 He then sits back and has a great laugh at our wxpense. Folks beware of him who comes in sheeps clothing but inward is a ravening wolf! Set a watch on your soul and be prepared when Jesus comes to take us home. It will pay to be ready then when the Trumpet sounds!

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Have You ever been so overjoyed that you just could not contain yourself, you thought you would burst?  In times like this we just have to tell somebody else about it! I had a very pleasant surprise the other day that I would like to tell you about.  A friend had arrived earlier in the morning and we had just sit down to have lunch when the doorbell rang.  A lady entered with a couple of trays and four other ladies in tow. “ Surprise!” she shouted ,”

we are having a party!”  I was dumbfounded! “A party, what for?” “For you” she answered. So we all had a lovely meal and spent a great  afternoon fellowshipping.  I was even given a nice gift!  I am still just flabbergasted over it all  and I didn’t even have to do anything to deserve it! When  they left they said “We will do this again,” They didn’t say for whom they will do it or when but I hope they will hit my house again soon!

I have a wonderful husband who is always doing things for me- I too, rejoice over this!  It seems that someone, family or others are always doing something for me, I am truly blessed!

I have had many healings that I rejoiced over. many of which others never knew about.  Why is it, when other people do something for us we have to tell the whole world it seems, but when God is good to us we fail to tell others about it when it may be just the encouragement  others may need.  We really do need to rejoice!  Lst. Thessalonians 5:16 tells us to “Rejoice evermore”! Also in 1Peter 1:8 “Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not,yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full  of glory!

Just to think that the great God of heaven came to earth and took those stripes on his back for our healing and died on the cross for me!  I didn’t do anything to deserve this kind of treatment! When I was just a poor, lost sinner he knew me and loved me enough to go to Calvary and give his own life for me, I’m so undeserving!  Thank You Lord Jesus, I love you so much because  you first loved me!

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When our children were younger we really looked forward to vacation time.  We would start preparing at least a week ahead of time.  Cindy’s job was to make a list of everything we would need while on our camping trip.  She was  really good at getting her dad to take about everything except the kitchen sink! It was almost like home away from home as she never seemed to forget anything, unlike me. Now about the only trip we ever take is to visit our daughter in Montreal. I like to pack my bags up early so I won’t miss my ride.  Whenever I go with someone other than my hubby and son  I want to be sure I am at their house on time, so as not to be left behind.  If I was left behind I would be so disappointed!

I once read a story about two children who received a letter from their grandfather.  I really don’t remember the correct date  but I will tell you the most important part of the message and add my own dates.  “I will be coming on Wed.  June 30th to pick you up.  We will fly back to my home so I want you to be all packed and ready to leave when I get to your house.  I will be arriving at 9:30 am.  I won’t be able to wait for you if you are not ready.  I will just leave without you.  I am hiring a taxi to pick you up.  Now be sure to be ready when I get there.  Put this message on your fridge so you can easily see it and be ready when I come .  Remember I cannot wait for you to get ready!     Love   Grandfather. The children were so excited! The trip was all they could think about.  They ran to tell their friends they were going to fly to their granddad’s house.  Day after day they were so busy playing with their friends they forget about getting ready to leave.  When Wednesday morning came  they had slept in later than usual but when they came downstairs one of them noticed the letter on the fridge,  Oh, this is the day we leave they shouted!  “Mom, it’s 9:20 could you help us pack our bags?”  Sorry boys your clothes are all in the washer.  You will have to wait for them!”  Just then into the driveway came a taxi and before they knew it Grandpa was at the door!” Are you ready boys? he shouted, hurry or we will miss the plane!”  “Our clothes, our clothes are in the washer and we have to wait for them”, they exclaimed.  I’m sorry boys, but I just can’t wait I have to leave without you I thought I had made it very clear that you were to be all ready!” Out the door he went to the waiting taxi cab. What weeping and wailing as the boys realized they were left behind!  They had been so taken up with their friends and playing games that they missed their airplane ride to visit their grandparents! How Sad!

We too, have received a letter from our heavenly Father Telling us that we are to be ready because He is coming to take us to our heavenly home. We are to get ready and be waiting and watching for his return.  Oh, how I want to be ready to leave when He comes for me.  I don’t want to be playing around with the things of this old world or get too busy and forget about his coming. Heb 9:28 says “ Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many and Unto those who look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation! Do you have your bags all packed and ready to go with me on this heavenly trip to Beulah Land?  I’m getting ready to leave this world! I’m getting ready for the gates of Pearl! Keeping my garments white! Watching both day and night! I’m getting ready to leave this world!   Come on down Lord Jesus and take us away!

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I do hope others enjoy playing games as much as I do! I know there are those who don’t play games at all.  An evening seldom goes by that my husband and I (and many times along with some friends) play games.  We have various games that we enjoy.  I know I’m not the  best loser in the world as it is so easy to get upset when I have lost a game.  It’s times like this that I have to ask forgiveness and there have been times that I didn’t play for a few nights.  Now I try to keep my cool, and for the most part I succeed, after all it is only a game. If I do happen to win I just love to brag about how it was skill that won that game and not just luck. Everyone else gets to be lucky but not me, no sir, it was just plain old skill. lol. Whatever it is the victory is sweet and I get excited!

I’m sure the football players and also hockey players or any of the athletes all have their times of excitement as they score the winning goal! Their fans too, shout and scream and jump up and down as they cheer them on.  There are those, I’m sure, who are not as skilful as their fellow players, who no doubt get discouraged to the point of dropping out of the game.

I was only a small child when World War 11 ended. I remember my uncles coming home from the war.  There was much rejoicing, especially when my uncle Earl, who was a prisoner of war in Hong Kong, came home.  Oh what a glorious feeling of Victory!  The war had ended and we had our freedom!

In this life we go through many trials and tests.  Whether it be financial, physical or otherwise we can easily get so discouraged.  If don’t have the Lord Jesus as your saviour, strength, and guide you will have a rough journey through this old life.  Perhaps many people think because they may have a little money, that they can buy their way through but there are many things money will not and cannot do!  You just cannot buy your way to Heaven.  All you have to do is accept the offer Jesus made you when he paid your debt at Calvary!  He will then carry you on over the rough places in life if you trust in Him and commit your way to Him!  The old chorus says “No, you can’t buy your way to Heaven. You must have your sins forgiven.  You can’t buy your way, you have to pray and make your own decision"! 

When we are all gathered home over on the other shore Oh what glorious sounds of Victory will be heard, as we crown the one who brought us the Victory,King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords!  I get so excited just thinking about it!  Victory, Victory shall be mine.  Victory, Victory shall be mine!  If I hold my peace let the Lord fight my battles, Victory, Victory shall be mine!  Thank You Jesus!

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What is hope? Webster says it is an expectation of something desired! From the time we were very young we were always hoping for something whether small or great.When we really get what we want we seem to be surprised and so excited! Then there are times when we hope for something and are so excited as we think we are really getting it only to be terribly disappointed when it does not happen!  Now I have a real desire for a laptop computer but I’m not getting my hopes all up over it because I honestly don’t expect it to be under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.  I believe there is a difference between hope and desire.  If I had hope of getting  it I would be expecting a laptop and be very excited. That is where reality sets in and I know better than to expect it because we can’t afford it right now so I may be a bit disappointed but not extremely so.  

 When my children were in school we would take them shopping and they would pick out a gift (whatever they wanted) for passing their grade.  I enjoyed seeing how excited they were when they got what they wanted.  One day however, my oldest son surprised me.  He knew I had a phobia when it came to birds, so he just followed us around and didn’t buy anything.  When asked why he wasn’t looking for something he replied “if I can’t get what I really want then I won’t get anything!”  Sort of shocked by his answer I asked “then what is it you really want?” His answer “ a budgie bird!”  Uh,Uh, no way son, is a bird coming with us, come with me and we will get something else”  He flatly refused (I think he gets his stubborn streak from his dad) Everything I pointed out ,he would say,  “I don’t want that,I want a bird!” So guess what, even though I was terrified to have a bird in the car or house I finally relented and he got what he hoped for! He was so excited I’ll never forget it!  Now I don’t even remember what the other two children purchased. Today I have a bird in the house.  I didn’t hope for it but I have learned to like them as long as they are in the cage!  I had been hoping to teach Snowball to talk without any results. Then about 2 weeks ago while alone and in another room in the house I heard “who’s out there?” I knew I hadn’t heard my hubby come in so I said “what?”  again “who’s  out there?”  At this point I went out to see who was there but there was only the bird and I.  I was truly excited, and even though I haven’t heard that since, he whistles just like Roy and this morning, once again, I ran out to see what hubby wanted as that is his usual way of getting my attention.

My greatest hope and expectation is to live and reign with Jesus Christ throughout eternity.  This is one great hope I can be sure of receiving! He paid my debt when He gave His life at Calvary.  He conquered death, hell and the grave when He arose the 3rd, day and because He lives we can live also. Saint John 14:19 “Because I live, ye shall live also”. We shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is!There is an old chorus which says it all “ Some day I shall  be like Him, like Him, like Him, clothed in heavenly beauty, when His face I see! Oh what a great and glorious hope we have in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Our God is so big and so great and there is none other like Him.  He said ‘there is no other God, I know not any!” He controls everything and with Him there is no confusion!  “When the trumpet sounds, when the trumpet sounds.  I’m going to reign with Him eternally, won’t that be heavenly, in great reality, when I receive God’s immortality. When the trumpet sounds!”


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Ecc. 9:10  My husband likes to apply this verse of scripture in every aspect of his life! “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might! I’m afraid I can truthfully say I haven’t always been as obedient to this scripture as I should have been and therefore have many regrets. How I wish I had spent my whole life doing just that.  I wonder how much I could have accomplished for my Lord in my younger years. It seems to me that we don’t realize this until we are older and by this time (if everyone else is like me) we are unable to do so many things that we now see needs to be done.  If Roy sees there is something I can’t do, he does it for me, as unto the Lord.  How I wish I had taken that attitude early in life.  How many are the loads that I have lifted? How many are the chains I’ve helped to free?  I wonder have I done my best for Jesus, when He has done so much for me?

Then too, at various times I have done something for the Lord and would afterward, by some word or deed, destroy all the good I had seemingly done.  Oh, how I regret those times even though I have asked forgiveness, it seems that things like this still leave a scar that just won’t go away. I do hope the Lord allows me another few years to live as I would love to give Him my all. It doesn’t seem to matter nearly as much now what others think of me.  I only want to be able to please my Lord and my God. To put Him first in my life and let Him take care of all else.

Thank you Lord for saving my soul.  Thank you Lord for making me whole.  Thank you Lord for giving to me Thy great salvation so rich and so free!    Thank you Jesus for your love for me!


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