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What is in your hand?

What is in your hand? We may look at our hands and say I have nothing! I think there are many things we may pick up within our reach and use them to bless someone else. I have always wanted to help people along life’s way. They may be struggling to get by, or they may be a bit discouraged and really don’t know just what to do. It seems I have for the most part of my life been one of those who say ‘there isn’t a thing I can do” as it seems I can do so little. A few years ago I started taking folk to their doctor’s appointments, shopping, etc. For the most part I really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun and a feeling I was helping someone else. Other times it could be really frustrating! But I guess we all had a lot of laughs! Then came the day when most of these people passed away and my eyesight wasn’t what it once was so I had to give up driving the car for awhile. I can once again see to drive the car after an eye operation but have been diagnosed with a debilitating disease and have very bad feet and knees along with everything else. So now I wondered what can I do to help anyone else? I can’t even run errands for myself. I depend on my husband for most everything these days. I am so thankful for the great man that God gave me. I am so blessed! But what can I do for somebody else? I had been praying “Oh Lord, use me, surely there is something I can do” At one time in my life I had been thinking about writing short stories but forgot about again as I didn’t think I could do this. One morning awhile ago while laying in bed wondering what I could do the Lord impressed a title on my mind and said write! I thought , eh, now what am I supposed to do Lord? I can’t do it on my own, I need your help but I will try. A while after I went to service one night with my story in my Bible. I wanted to know what someone else may think of it. When our Pastor spoke that night he said many of the same things I had said in my story! God knew beforehand what he was going to speak on. Before the next service the same thing happened and once again the Pastor spoke on practically the same thing. I could hardly believe it! I showed it to my Pastor and his wife. This sort of confirmed what I had been thinking. Perhaps this could be a way of encouraging someone else. When my son-in-law came home for a visit, he read one of my stories and persuaded me to start to blog. I didn’t know anything about it so he set me up a blogging site. I can’t do this on my own as I have never been a writer. I have to ask for the Lord’s help and for a topic each time. I am praying that the Lord will use me in this way to bless and encourage others. If I can only help one person it would be worth it. I find it hard to write and also type now as my hands shake badly at times. I plan, if God is willing, to keep on writing as long as I have a voice, as I can probably find somebody to do my typing when the day comes that I can’t do it anymore. God has been so good to me I just want to tell others about Him and all He has done! Perhaps you may be in the same boat I’m in, but there is still hope for you in Jesus if you want to bless someone else. There is always something we can use for God. I read in the Bible where: Shamgar had an oxgoad, David had a sling. Samson had a jawbone; Rehab had a string. Mary had some ointment; Aaron had a rod, Dorcas had a needle – All were used by God He can use the very smallest thing if we let Him! My Prayer is: Lord use me, Oh Lord don’t refuse me, for surely there is a work that I can do. Even though it may be humble, help my will to crumble. And though the cost be great I’ll work for you. What is that in your hand?


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When I was a child we lived in an old big house on top of the hill. It was so much fun in winter as we children all gathered on the hill for a sliding party. the railway tracks were at the bottom of this hill but we were protected by a fence at the bottom too. The crossing was about 200 yds from the house. One Sunday afternoon a car with four young people came upon the crossing at the same time as a train approached, not hearing the whistle they were hit by the train. Fortunately no one was killed although two of them were hurt.I have always been a little nervous whenever we approaach a railway crossing. There was another kind of a crossing I always enjoyed and that was the crossing of the Bay of Fundy. I loved to get on the ferry when we went to visit relatives on Prince Edward Island. The crossings were for the most part calm but could be very rough too at times. The last trip that we came back on the ferry it was a terribly rough crossing. The passengers all stayed inside but by husband suggested we go out on deck for some fresh air. As soon as my feet hit the deck the wind hit me! I was blown by the wind and went running down the length of the deck and couldn’t get stopped. I really thought I was going to be blown overboard but my husband caught me and we made our way back inside. I can laugh about it now but when we go to the Island we have to use the Confederation Bridge to get there. I would still prefer the old ferries! When our children were young we crossed by ferry to Digby. Going over from Saint John went quite smooth but coming back it was wild. We went into the cafeteria for lunch and the dishes were rolling all over the table. We sure couldn’t eat there! People everywhere were getting sea sick and I was so happy when we finally got on shore again. I often think of the children of Israel as they made their crossing over the Red Sea.To Think what it must have been like as they made their way by foot across on dry ground with the sea all piled up around them! I don’t even think they had muck to contend with for the Bible tells us it was dry. But when the Egyptians tried to cross God removed their chasriot wheels and they were all drowned in the midst of the sea. Exodus 14:27-30. They made another crossing later on. This was of the Jordan River. A certain time of year the river overflows its’ banks. When they came to the river God caused the water to stand in heaps on hoth sides as they crossed over along with the Ark of God. This was no small crowd – millions of people! They didn’t have a ferry or even a boat but the Great God of Heaven came to their rescue and led them across on dry land! All these crossings remind me of another crossing we are all going to have to make one day. This life is not the end but we are going to cross to another shore. For the children of God the crossing will be calm and smooth as He leads us across. If our crossing is to be smooth or rough is up to us. Rev. 21:7 – He that overcometh shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be my son! Thank you Lord for making this possible for everyone who believes your Word!

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The Family

I can trace my roots back to Scotland and Ireland. I believe both of my great grandfathers came from these countries many years ago. My husband’s family came from England. They all apparently settled here or nearby. Isn’t it wonderful to have family close by? We can call on them when kids are ill or we need something and they most always come. I remember when we were just kids at home with no electricity only oil lamps for light. The family all gathered in our big kitchen with some of my uncles and uncle Mel telling all these scary ghost stories. We didn’t know whether to believe them or not but we were scared out of our boots. When bedtime came we were scared to go upstairs by ourselves to go to bed. We had two stairways to our upstairs, one through the living room and the other went up in the pantry beside the kitchen. I really don’t remember who all was there on this certain night when Uncle Mel sneaked away somehow and went upstairs through the living room. He found an old black fur coat and covered himself with it and went to the stairway in the pantry and waited for us kids to start for bed. My, my, the screams and yells that came from us when we started up those stairs! Everyone came running to see what was wrong. There was a bear on those steps and we were not going to bed! I don’t think our parents got much sleep that night! How he laughed about that, he loved to play tricks on us. I also remember how uncle Wilfred, Mom’s brother, loved to scare me. I have never seen anyone that could make such scary faces since that time. I guess that is why I hate false teeth so bad even to this day. One day I saw him coming to visit and I ran upstairs and hid. Nobody knew where I had gone. When I didn’t show up for quite awhile they started looking for me, They found me after he had gone. I was sound asleep under Mom’s bed. It gave them all quite a scare. Many times I sit and think of so many things that happened in our big, happy family. Although they may have had their arguments they always made up again. That is the way it is supposed to be in familys. Life is too short to stay mad. Each one was needed and it was so sad when one or the other was called to go to war but what a happy time when they returned. I am so proud to say I am a part of this family I am also a part of another family. I’ve been reborn and am now a part of the family of God! I repented of my sins and asked Jesus to come into my heart. I then was baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus for the remission of my sins and Jesus filled me with the Gift of the Holy Ghost! (Acts 2:38) It was great, just like the day of Pentecost! So many wonderful things have taken place since I have come into this beautiful family. I have many family members and friends now. If I am ill or discouraged I can call on my family for prayer and they will be there for me. They are there when we are hurting to share our burdens. We may not always see eye to eye on everything as we are just human and have our own views but should never become angry. If somehow we hurt someone else we should always apologize and ask them for forgiveness. If we are true family members we will go our way happy, We should be able to work together for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. I’m glad I’m a part of the family of God. I’ve been washed in the fountain, cleansed by His blood. Joint heirs with Jesus as we travel this sod. I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God!

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! Have you ever dreamed you were falling but just before you hit the ground you woke up? What an awful scary feeling it is! I guess I am just really clumsy but gravity affects me more than others. I have fallen several times. Many of these times I have even dislocated a shoulder or knee, even broken an ankle and it is rather painful. However at other times when I fell I wouldn’t get hurt and would laugh my crazy almost off. It was the end of the month and time for Council to meet so had extra work to do, I decided to work at home . I walked to and from work and this night I had my arms full of work plus a little adding machine. I was walking down King St. when I noticed a man standing in a doorway just watching what was going on. As I got right smack in front of him I stumbled on a rough patch of pavement and went flat on my face, everything just scattered. Was I ever embarrassed! However with his help we gathered it all up and I laughed the rest of the way home. Isn’t it strange when someone else falls (if you are like me) you most always laugh until your sides are sore, unless they are hurting that is. Sometimes we can’t even wait to see if they are hurt before we start laughing. I remember once a co-worker and I started out for lunch, she missed the top step and went clear to the bottom, if I remember right, down all 23 steps just thump, thump, thumping on her derriere – well after the initial scare I started to laugh and laughed her all the way to the bottom step. I’m telling you she was not at all happy with me but I couldn’t stop laughing! My Dad told us of a time when he was going through the woods and came upon some quicksand. He just stepped on a certain spot, not knowing it was there, and down he went right to his waist before he finally dug himself out. He thought he was safe when he stepped there but looks are sometimes deceiving. He said he stayed away from that spot after that and warned others to do the same! Now that I am older my balance isn’t very good and I really have to watch that I don’t fall as I don’t want to break a bone at this stage of my life. It just seems so easy to fall! Then again it is so easy to fall Spiritually. When I fall spiritually I can never laugh at myself although I know the enemy of my soul gets a real kick out of it – there she goes again- perhaps I can even keep her down this time! Maybe others are happy too when we fall, they may criticize and poke fun at us. We should never want to see someone fall spiritually. We may be in that person’s shoes one day. We should pray and try to help them get on their feet once more. Sometimes we stumble on something in the way or miss our footing and down we go. Perhaps we have been deceived or step on some quicksand. Before we know what has happened we are in over our head. In times like this we need to look up and call on Jesus for help. He will always deliver us when we call on Him and will once again plant our feet on solid ground, the Rock Christ Jesus. He doesn’t laugh when we fall but has mercy on us and picks us up once more. Let us keep our feet on that Solid Rock because all other ground is Sham rock. Eph 6:13-Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to Stand. Just stand and he will see you through! Praise His Holy Name!.

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Because of the Healer!

 I would like to tell you just a few of my family’s experiences with the Healer! Before I was conceived my mother was dying of cancer. I believe the year was 1938 and Mom had two little ones, Her mother was only 35 years of age when she passed away with cancer, now Mom was about gone too, Two wonderful ladies from the church had taken my sister and brother, aged 2 and 1 yr old to care for as Dad was working at Coburn’sMill a 10 hr day. He had a full plate. Her Pastor’s wife had a geat burden for Mom and began to fast and pray. She also moved Mom into the parsonage and cared for her there. My Grandmother along with some other ladies were preparing the home for Mom’s wake. On the 2lst. day of Sis. Milford Stairs fasting and prayer, Mom awoke and started getting sick again. Only this time there was a difference as Sis, Stairs told me. Mom then threw up a large cancer and soon started feeling so much better, God had healed her and from that day on her strength improved. She was soon back at her own home – not for her wake but to take care of her childrren and husband.

When my sister was 12 years old she came down with St. Vitas Dance. For those who have never heard of this disease it is a very debilitating disease. It affects every part of the body. She had a nervous breakdown, she couldn’t talk or walk, jerking constantly and arms flinging, couldn’t stay on the bed nor keep quiet.Mom sat for weeks on the side of her bed holding her down so she wouldn’t fall off. If anyone came to visit she was scared of them and if a man entered she became hysterical. The doctors told my parents there was no hope for her,that they could do nothing. As you can imagine my Mom wa exhausted as she had 4 other children at this time to care for too, Dad hired a couple of girls to help but they didn’t last long. Everyone was afraid when they saw the condition of my sister.

One day a little man came to our house, He was a Pentecostal Preacher by the name of Peter Cosman. He probably wouldn’t weigh much more than 100 lbs, soaking wet with his overcoat, hat and shoes on. He told my parents he

had St.Vitas Dance when he was younger but had been healed. This was the first glimmer of hope they received. He had heard about my sister so he came to pray for her healing. He was a man of great faith and proceeded to pray for her and she quieted down. She then wanted something to eat. She had to be fed for a long time. The great Healer had come by once again and healed her. Although she had to learn to talk and walk again she became stronger each day and was soon out riding her bicycle like the rest of us. Our God is a God of impossibilities.

My Dad was a hemophiliac or a bleeder. Before having a tooth out he would have to be on medication to cause his blood to clot. Then the doctor or dentist would have to pack and repack it and still he would bleed like a stuck pig.

I remember so vividly my Dad laying on the bed with his head held over a bucket and the blood pouring from his mouth. He had a tooth extracted and although the dentist had repacked it, it wouldn’t stop bleeding,. In those days we didn’t have a car . I was walking to children’s church and Mom asked me to ask our Pastor, Bro Warden Mowett to come and pray for Dad. After service he loaded us children into his car and came to pray. He, too, was a great man of faith. He prayed and the bleeding stopped instantly! God is still God!

My husband just reminded me of another incident we both witnessed. Some of the family had gathered at Dad’s home as we usually did most evenings as he and Mom were alone now and Dad was ill so we tried to help them pass the time. While sitting at the end of the table Dad’s face started to take on an odd shape, pulling diredtly to one side. He tried to say something but we couldn’t understand him. Dad was having a stroke and his side went numb. He couldn’t get up or walk. There seemed to be nothing we could do to help him. I then ran to the telephone and called Bro. David Gee, who was our Pastor at that time. He immediately came to the house and prayed for Dad and instantly as we watched Dad’s face returned to normal. He then got up out of the chair and walked to the sink and poured himself a glass of water and drank it, then went back and sat down! Healed by the Mighty Power of our great God,

i could tell story after story of my own experiences with this great Healer and my Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are so blessed to know Him. Serving God is beautiful, serving the King of Kings. I serve Him because I love Him you see, serving God is beautiful to me! The great thing about it, He is no respector of persons. Anyone can call upon him and be satisfied!

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Fall has finally arrived with all of its splendor! To me it is the most beautiful season of the year, as I love color. We went for a ride yesterday with some friends and what a gorgeous view! The trees were glowing with such fantastic colors, such a wonderful time of the year, not too hot or too cold but just right temperature. It is also apple picking time, so we went apple picking, what beautiful fruit and what lovely pies they will make! It is also picking time – mmm- don’t you just love the smell of those Pickles? It makes me hungry just thinking about them. Next comes winter and now that my hubby has retired I can really enjoy This season, sitting in the sunporch and watching all that sparkling white Snow falling covering everything with a nice, clean, white blanket. Winter Also includes the Christmas Season. A time when family, and friends all Get together to talk, laugh, eat and reminisce and celebrate the birth of our King, Jesus Christ. What a beautiful of the year! However, before we know it spring will once again be upon us. Soon new Green shoots of grass will appear and once again it will be planting season. Everything looks so new and fresh along with new life, mayflowers and Ladyslippers and trilliums appear. Now it is the Easter season – the time To celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the grave. Oh, what a hope He has Brought to this old sin cursed world! He is alive again! The weather now Gets much warmer and we say that summer is on the way. At last summer has arrived. Beautiful vacation weather! Some people Relax at their cottages while others love to travel. Relatives return home For a visit and we have our church camps and summer summits. Another Beautiful season of the year! The seasons of life can be compared to the seasons of the year only so much Longer they seem. Spring is the childhood of our lives. A new little one has Been born. They are so sweet and dependent on everyone else to care for Their needs. They start talking most of the time before they can even walk. They seem to be so much smarter or brighter than we were at that age! Then Comes the terrible twos. It seems they try everything in the book. Soon it is Time for preschool and then kindergarten and now he is school age. The years Creep by so swiftly and we see so many changes take place in their lives. At this stage some seem to develop a real attitude. A few think that by now They know it all and the older people are just old fogeys! Others are highly Respectful of the elderly and love to be around to help and learn from them. Summer time is really the best time of their lives . It is a time to have lots of Fun and get most of their education. Fall sets in and many are now married And caring for a family of their own while working long, tiresome hours. Others enjoy going to work each day, meeting new people, etc. and enjoy Life to the fullest. Time slips by and one day we awaken and look in the Mirror and there is our parents looking right back at us. We have now Entered the winter season. We can now relax without feeling guilty and Even go back to our second childhood if we so choose! Time and eternity Waits for no man. It pays to give our hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ in our Youth rather than wait for the winter season to come upon us as we may Not make it that far. The cemetery has graves of all sizes! For we who are ready to go the winter season can be the most glorious Season of all. We are just waiting for our King to come and take us home To Glory while enjoying life here with our family, friends and loved ones. God has been so good and blessed us with a daughter and two sons, four Granddaughters and so many good friends and relatives.. Like Abraham Of old we can truly say – we have been young but now am old, yet we Have never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread. Ecc. 3:2 says “a time to be born and a time to die. Verse ll – He hath Made everything beautiful in his time, also He hath set the world in Their heart so that no man can find out the works that God maketh from The beginning to the end. Verse 13 – That every man should eat and Enjoy the good of all his labor, it is the gift of God. God has done all Things well and made all things beautiful and He looks down and says “It is good!” He is a great God and greatly to be praised. Hallelujah!

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