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      Uninvoked means to take away a thoughtful prayer  that we never spoke.

Oh Lord, please let me see, that where  ever I may be, my

heartfelt prayer will never be uninvoked. Amen!


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Just Because

So many times we do things and when asked why, we reply “just because’.  Why did you take that walk by yourself? “oh,just because”.  Why were you late?  “Just because”.  Why did you help that person?  “Just because”.  We could go on and on with questions and “Just because” answers.    A lot of the time ‘just because could be a selfish reason, while others probably don’t want their actions known.  I know those who help others frequently but don’t want anybody to know about it. Saint and sinner alike have these traits.    You have heard the old saying “he robbed  Peter to pay Paul.  I once knew a man who was very good hearted, poor as Job’s turkey but he was one of those people.  I remember one time he visited us while Mom was doing her ironing with an old fashion flat iron that you heat on the back of the stove.  When he left he took my brother home with him and sent him back with an electric iron for my mother.  He apparently had a whack of them that he picked up from  other people.  Another time he went into an elderly woman’s home.  She wanted some paint.  She had ordered some from Eaton’s but hadn’t received it.  He apparently got to it first as he came to her with a can of paint, exact color, with her name on it!  He could neither read or spell. He did it “just because”  He felt like he wanted to help.

Again I had an uncle  who was not rich but had a bit of money.  After he passed away many people were praising him “just because” he was so good to them.

I have a good friend who does so much for me “just because” He loves me so,  One day He looked ahead into the future and saw that I needed someone to pay my debt of sin. So “just because” He saw my need and loved me so much (for no other reason) He gave His life for me so that I could live with him throughout eternity!  His name is Jesus!  He has blessed me so much for no other reason than “Just because”  He wanted to.!  He has answered my prayers so many times – just because.  He has healed my body many times – just because.  He saved my sin sick soul just because He loved me so!  I could go on and on telling of  things He has done for me and the rest of this world. “Just because” He wanted to.  You may ask “Why would He do this?”  Well, Just because he loves each and every one of us so. He is our heavenly father and if our earthly father knows how to give good gifts to his children how much more our father which is in heaven.  Thank you Jesus for everything you have provided for us!

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